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Australia’s Best Tanker Pumps…Fast-Fill & Self Priming

Aussie’s self priming Tanker Pump range has been developed with assistance of tanker operators over the last 25 years.

Aussie QP Tanker Pumps

Our QP range of Honda petrol and Yanmar diesel engine drive pumps are widely used on water carts. These quality pumps range from 2” to 6” for fast filling tanks with the ability to draw water from creeks and dams. High flow and high pressure options for dust suppression, water cannons, water delivery and machinery washdown.

  • 2”, 3”, 4” & 6” port sizes
  • Flows to 2,900 lpm
  • Heads to 70 metres

Models covered

QP205SE – QP303 – QP310 – QP310SL – QP310SX – QP402 – QP402SL – QP402SX

petrol drive spec sheet | diesel drive spec sheet | water carts

Aussie GMP Tanker Pumps

Our GMP range of cast iron, semi trash is ideal for handling water with solids contamination. Their semi trash design features big open impellers, silicon carbide mechanical seals and a front opening port that makes them easy to clean out without disconnecting pipework.

Available with Honda petrol, Yanmar diesel engines or hydraulic drive motors.

  • 3” & 4” port sizes
  • Flows to 2,300 lpm
  • Heads to 55 metres

GMP pumps are also available with cast stainless steel impellers or as fully cast stainless steel pumps handling abrasive liquids.

Models covered


As an ISO certified and fully Australian owned company, we offer the best range of Tanker pumps available. Our extensive dealer network offers you local advice, support and service.


  • High volume water transfer
  • Fast fill tanker application
  • Dust suppression
  • Water cannons
  • Batter spray
  • Site dewatering
  • Fire protection
  • Machinery wash-down

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Why Choose Aussie Tanker Pumps?

A self priming tanker pump can fill the tanker not only from standpipes but can draw water from dams, creeks and wells with a vertical lift up to 8 metres.

Their efficient, simple design makes them easy to use and maintain. With high flow and high pressure options, the pump can be matched to the specific applications for that tanker.

Many tankers are moving to hydraulic drive pumps for compact installations with unlimited power.
Ready to experience the difference with our tanker fill pumps? Contact your local Aussie Pumps dealer to discover the options available!

3" Yanmar diesel powered tanker pump
3" Honda powered QP tanker pump installation
3" GMP hydraulic drive semi trash tanker pump
Aussie 3" cast iron Honda powered tanker pump (B3XR-A/ST)
Kubota diesel powered 4" QP tanker pump



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