Fire Fighting Pumps

Australia’s Best Firefighting Pumps

At Aussie Pumps, we are proud to offer the best range of firefighting pumps.

We are an ISO certified and fully Australian owned company. Moreover, we have been in the firefighting pump business for over 20 years. We have an extensive dealer network and are proud to offer Australia’s largest range of self-priming firefighting pumps including ….

  • Ultralites… QP1 & QP154SX for spot fire mop up/personal fire protection
  • The Aussie Fireman (QP-2S) for domestic/intermittent use
  • The Aussie Fire Chief (QP205SE & QP205SL) for property fire protection & a variety of farm duties
  • The Mr T Twin impeller (QPT205SLT) for extra performance

Why Choose an Aussie Fire Pump?

So, what exactly makes Aussie’s Fire Chief range of fire pumps a cut above the rest? 

  • High Performance – Our superb hydraulic design and quality components deliver more performance and capability.
  • Reliability – Using engines from Honda, Yanmar & Kubota, the world’s leading suppliers, ensures your pump will start first time, every time.
  • Lightweight & Portable –Our lightweight, portable pumps give you the ability respond to bushfires quickly.
  • Easy to Use – The self priming design is simple and fast to set up.
  • Long-Lasting – Aussie’s Fire Chief range of fire pumps are durable, give years of service and are backed by our 5 year pump end warranty.
  • Value – we can’t be beaten for value for money, a great product at an outstanding price. 

Aussie Fire Pump Applications

Australia’s finest firefighting pumps work to maximise performance for when the chips are down. Our fire pumps out-perform and out-feature all other portable models on the market. You can count on these superior, high-performance pumps for a variety of duties, including the following: 

  • Mop Up & Fire Protection
  • High Pressure Water Transfer
  • Spray Irrigation
  • High Pressure Spraying
  • Boom Spraying
  • Machinery wash-down

For more information to help you get bushfire ready, contact your local Aussie Pumps dealer today!

Fire Fighting Pump QP Pumps Fire Chief QP205SE GX160 Honda

petrol drive spec sheet | diesel drive spec sheet | mine spec sheet | spares/manual

NOTE: For 3″ & 4″ high pressure transfer pumps, suitable for village fire protection, …. click here.

WARNING … Counterfeit copies of Aussie Fire Chief, don’t be fooled!
Click here for details on how to identify a counterfeit and how they are inferior.

Fire Danger  |   Buy the Best Fire Pump

When choosing a fire pump it pays to do your homework. Here we take you through the key points to check.

Aussie Mr T Twin …

Capability is everything!

Living on the edge

How to defend your property

What They Say About Our Products

  • We’re a family owned operated pest management & pressure washing business on the south coast of NSW. We have been using Aussie pumps for all aspects of our business. We currently are running 6 fire chiefs & scud pressure washer, the only reason we run these pumps is they run all day, rain, hail, shine. They move the perfect amount of water we need every time. Maintenance is easy & they just keep on going.

    We saved our property from the Conjola bushfires in 2019 only because of the mobile water units that we had set up 8.5 thousand litres moved in 3 hours all with Aussie pumps. You guys make our business & saved our lives.

    Insight Pest & property management
  • Superb Quality! The best water pumps and pressure washers in the market for the price.
    Even better being Aussie built. Aussie Pumps Service is exceptional, they will go over and beyond to help you.

    Brad Pitts
  • I have used Aussie Pumps before onboard small ships as Emergency Fire Pumps, and have always worked well.
    Would rather purchase Aussie made over Chinese products.

    Scott Richards
  • Searched for a while then read about your pumps online and was bought due quality of the pump and engine as opposed to all the cheap Chinese ones out there. Am using it to water my gardens on my rural acreage with recycled water to save using our potable water. Did have one of those Chinese pumps but it would use a lot of oil and flow rate was not the best.

    Andrew Waid
  • I wanted a simple pump that is easy to move to do mop up and preparatory fire safety. Hopefully it will only be used to move water and water the garden just to keep it looked after. I chose Aussie because – 5 yr warranty – pretty impressive for a pump. Good head and volume for size. Lovely Honda engine. This is one of the nicest pieces of equipment in my shed. It looks just beautifully made. It starts easily. It sounds great and it performs well for its diminutive size.

    Robin Memory


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