Drain Cleaning Jetter Spares

Manual – Trolley mounted jetters … Cobra, Python & King Cobra

Manual – Cube mounted jetters … Cobra & King Cobra

Manual – Trailer mounted jetters …. Python & King Cobra

Aussie Jetters Specification Sheets

Troubleshooting guide

For spares details refer to the relevant manual above
(Pricing for spares and replacement accessories can be found in Blaster Blitz)

The video below shows how to reset an unloader and safety valve on a Scud 400 pressure cleaner. The same procedure is used on jetters. This should be done be an experienced technician only.

Aussie Python drain cleaning jetter
Aussie Python ... Featuring a powerful Honda iGX800 engine, these Class B Drain Cleaning Jetters are capable, compact & ready for action
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