Bushfire Time Bomb .. Aussie Bushfire Survival Guide

Aussie Gold Distributors around the country are all geared up for the coming fire season with stock and copies of the Aussie Bushfire Survival Guide.

El Nino has now been officially declared by Australia’s BOM (Bureau of Meteorology). That means we are at a greater risk of more frequent heatwaves, longer fire seasons and more catastrophic bushfires.

Bacchus Marsh Gold Distributor with Aussie Fire Chief firefighting pump
Local Aussie Gold Distributors like the team at Bacchus Marsh are primed to assist with Aussie Fire Chief firefighting pumps, the world’s best lightweight portable fire pump.

“Farmers are telling us they’re really concern about the coming fire season in response to the BOM declaration of an El Nino event,” said Bacchus Marsh Tim Hawken. “People are taking the news seriously and getting prepared early,” he said.


Aussie Gold Distributors work with farmers and “blockies” living on the “Urban Interface”. They provide the best bushfire protection advice for what could be a horrific fire season. They stock and sell Aussie Pump’s range of fire pumps because we believe they are the best on the market.

Aussie Bushfire Survival Guide
Aussie Bushfire Survival Guide is FREE and packed with great advice for setting up a bushfire plan

Aussie Pumps produces and prints thousands of Aussie Bushfire Survival Guides to assist owners to set up their bushfire preparations. Recently updated, it deals not only with property preparation, precautions and personal safety, but also covers everything from crop protection to livestock safety as well.

It is available both online and in hard copy. It also stresses the need for taking responsibility for preparing yourself for the worst.


Deciding whether to leave or stay is a hard one for those who have livestock.  To stay and protect your animals means being armed to defend the property with the right equipment.  Those key fundamental items are an adequate water supply and a pump that won’t let you down when the fire hits.

If you’ve got a dam, a serious well or large water tank located adjacent to stables, outbuilding or your home, that’s a good start. At least a 20,000 -30,000 litre tank is regarded as being necessary but, bigger is better!

With water and the right amount of preparation, you could put sprinklers on your roof, providing a halo of protection over buildings and even surrounding shrubs.

The next major ingredient is a top quality pump. Don’t pay too much, believing that a higher priced pump is necessarily better than one that appears to be ‘too good to be true’.


Aussie Pumps’ Fire Chief outperforms both Davey and Onga equivalent models by 25%. The Fire Chief is powered by genuine Honda engines, famous for ‘starting first time, every time’.

The pump delivers up to 100 lpm at over 60 metres head. That’s a lot of water to throw at a fire at high pressure. Check the performance curves when comparing pumps.

Aussie’s pump components are also superior to competitors with a big 7” impeller in the base product that is one piece and accounts for the superb hydraulics of the unit.

If a bigger capacity is required and you have the water resource, the company produces a 3” twin impeller pump with a 13 hp Honda engine. That will produce a whopping 200 lpm at 80 m head! That’s serious firefighting capability!

The company makes a duplicate range of fire pumps using Yanmar air cooled diesel engines as well.

Diesel drives are a favourite because of the lower ignition point compared to unleaded petrol.  Diesels are simply safer, claimed to last longer and can be sold in electric start configuration.

The company claims that electric starts are becoming more popular, even though both the Yanmar and the Honda engines are easy to ‘pull start’.

Production of Aussie Fire Pumps
Aussie Pumps has ramped up fire pump production ahead of a predicted massive fire season.

The Aussie team, including dealerships around the country, know that the secret ingredient for successful firefighting capability isn’t necessarily just the hardware. Having a tank, pump and hose assemblies or sprinklers on the roof is great but, your team needs to practice.

The pumps should always be oiled and, in the season, fueled for action.

The pump should always be primed. The body must be filled with water through the priming cap so that is self-primes as soon as the engine starts.

The team should be practiced in starting the engine, making sure the pump primes.  They need to know how to operate the hose and nozzles. This means far less likelihood of panic when and if the need to activate the equipment arises.

This year, Australian Pump has prepared early, predicting increased demand ahead of the El Nino. They have dramatically scaled up production of high pressure fire fighting pumps. The Aussie “Fire Chief”, and its big brother the “Mr T” twin impeller pumps are now in Gold Distributor stores around the country.

Aussie’s Fire Chief is 30-40% cheaper than inferior brands. They believe in a fair price for a great product.

The company is new compared to the ‘old hands’ but, has made a huge impact offering value for money, quality and backing it up with a unique five year warranty.

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