Drain Cleaning Equipment & Accessories

Drain cleaning equipment & accessories

Aussie Drain Cleaning Jetters come with a great range of equipment that will get you jetting including a Nozzle Tool Box, safety plate and washdown gun.

We know that most Jetters will live on the back of a ute and a portable Mini Reel is key to accessing remote chokes. Check out our new stainless steel Mini Reel, available with either 3/16″ or 1/4″ sewer hose, and keep it safe and secure on your ute with a Reel Lock.

Plumbers love to customise their set up to best suit their needs. Check out our new range of stainless steel high and low pressure hose reels that make jetting faster and more convenient.

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Jetter accessories for fast, efficient drain cleaning
Low pressure stainless steel reel

Aussie Drain Cleaning Jetters

Looking for the best drain cleaning Jetters on the market?
Aussie Python drain cleaning jetter
Aussie Blaster Blitz catalogue

Aussie Blaster Blitz

Aussie Pumps high pressure catalogue, including pricing. Your guide to the best high pressure gear in the business.

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