Trailer Mounted Recovery Units

Aussie Hydro-Loop … Steam Cleaner with Recovery Unit

Self contained, trailer mounted, hot-water pressure washer with built in recovery unit, filters and supply tank. These units combine the cleaning power of high pressure and steam with a vacuum filtration system that collects the waste water, preventing it from entering storm drains. Waste water is filtered through seven stages and returned to the supply tank to be reused.


  • Cleaning & sanitising amenities
  • Graffiti removal
  • Grease and oil removal
  • Mine site cleaning
  • Big plant maintenance
  • Marine anti-fouling
  • Construction site wash down
  • Grease and oil removal
  • Grease pipe cleaning
  • Piggeries and dairies
  • Livestock clean up

manual – including spares information

spec sheet

Steam Cleaners Cleaning Equipment Hydro Loop trailer mount

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