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High fuel loads due to recent rain mean those living on the ‘Urban Interface’ face real danger this fire season.

Now’s the time to put in place your bushfire survival plan.

Aussie Pump’s top quality range of fire pumps is available Australia wide.

Don’t compromise on safety … insist on an Aussie!


Move dirty water fast with Aussie QP trash pumps.

Large open impellers mean these units are designed to handle solids contaminated water in large volumes.

From portable 2″ Honda pumps through to 6″ trailer mounted diesel powered pumps, we have great stocks available.

  • The virus can survive on surfaces for up to 9 days
  • Hot water over 60°C kills the virus
  • Aussie have a full range of steam cleaners and hot water blasters available for immediate delivery in electric, petrol or diesel drive
  • Protect your workplace! 


Time to get an Aussie Jetter!

Plumbers tell us Jetters are better because …

  1. Faster …. chokes cleared in under 30 mins
  2. Better … cause less damage to the drain & flush away debris
  3. Smarter … reach up to 60m (120m with mini reel)
  4. Safer … no rotating rods to manipulate by hand

Smart plumbers are switching and SAVING!

Our Products & Services

Australia is a country of extremes … fires, floods and droughts.

Australian Pump Industries, commonly known as Aussie Pumps, has risen to challenges presented by climate change and the succession of severe droughts. It has developed a comprehensive product range designed to provide real solutions for Australia’s harsh conditions.

From Australia’s biggest range of fire fighting & water transfer pumps to high pressure cleaning equipment for professionals, we deliver better outcomes for users in terms of reliability, efficiency and product longevity. 

Our products are simply built better, to last longer!

They are available Australia wide through our extensive dealer network.


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