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Aussie Pumps top quality range of fire pumps are available Australia wide.

Don’t compromise on safety … insist on an Aussie!


Aussie Cobra Jetters clear chokes fast!

Time to ditch the eel and move to a jetter. Plumbers tell us they’re faster, smarter & safer.

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Australia is a country of extremes … fires, floods and droughts.

Australian Pump Industries, commonly known as Aussie Pumps, has risen to challenges presented by climate change and the succession of severe droughts. It has developed a comprehensive product range designed to provide real solutions for Australia’s harsh conditions.

From Australia’s biggest range of fire fighting & water transfer pumps to high pressure cleaning equipment for professionals, we deliver better outcomes for users in terms of reliability, efficiency and product longevity. 

Our products are simply built better, to last longer!

They are available Australia wide through our extensive dealer network.


Fire Season From Hell… It’s Only Just Begun

With the worst fire season in history across the country, farmers and homeowners are realising that preparation is vital. One company, Australian Pump Industries, moved into high gear not just to dramatically increase shipments, but to also to pull engines...
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Fighting Bushfires from Sea

Access to the fire is one of the big problems in fire fighting in national parks or coastal villages. Often fire fighting authorities resort to work-boats, common barges or even trawlers to reach the fire. Being in the water allows...
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Aussie Wins Coates Hire Contract

In an important move, Coates Hire have awarded a contract to Australian Pump Industries for supply of pressure cleaners for their national hire fleet. After ongoing evaluation, taking place over recent years, the company chose Australian Pump Industries Scud configuration...
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