GMP Electric Drive Pumps

GMP electric drive cast iron semi trash pumps

Aussie GMP self priming centrifugal electric drive semi trash pumps in 2”, 3”, 4”, 6” and 8” configurations, designed for pumping solid laden liquids.

Flows to 8,300 lpm and heads to 78 metres.

Pumps feature big open impellers, non -clog design, silicon carbide mechanical seal, stainless steel wear plate and large front opening port to permit cleaning without pipe work disconnection.

Models Covered

B2KQ-A/ST – B3KQ-A/ST – B3XR-A/ST – B4KQ-A/ST – B4XR-A/ST  –  G3TMK-A/ST  –  B3ZPM-A/ST  – B6XR-A  –  B8XR-A

Aussie GMP semi trash self priming motor pump

Looking for cast iron hydraulic drive GMP semi trash pumps?

GMP electric drive high pressure transfer pumps

Heavy duty cast iron, Ni Al bronze & cast 316 stainless steel electric drive pumps are designed for high pressure applications, available in a range of sizes from 1½” through to 3”.

These pumps are powered by close coupled heavy duty TEFC two pole, IP rated motors.

They self prime from 6 metre depths making them ideal for any heavy duty industrial, mining or agricultural process pump duty.

Models Covered

G2TMK-A  –  G3TMK-A  –  B2ZMP-A  –  B3ZPM-A  –  B3ZPM-A

GMP corrosion resistant electric drive transfer pumps

Heavy duty Ni Al bronze & cast 316 stainless steel self-priming electric drive transfer pumps.

1” though to 4” in both these pumps suit corrosive and abrasive pumping applications.

Models Covered

B2KQ-A/B – B3KQ-A/B – B3XR-A/B – B4KQ-A/B – B4XR-A/B

B2KQ-A/X – B3XR-A/X – B4XR-A/X – G3TMK-A/X

Aussie GMP self priming NIAL bronze motor pump

Looking for bronze or stainless steel hydraulic drive GMP pumps?

GMP ATEX certified electric drive transfer pumps

Heavy duty cast iron self-priming, centrifugal electric drive pumps with high pressure and flows available in a range of sizes from 1½” through to 4”.

These pumps are fitted with ATEX certified flame proof motors and are designed for transferring diesel fuel oil. Pumps are come standard with Viton/carbon/Alumina seals.

Series specifications

Models Covered

B2KQ-A – B3KQ-A – B3XR-A – B4KQ-A – B4XR-A  –  G3TMK-A 

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