Refuelling at Sea

Australian Pump proudly represents Global Incorporated, the world’s leading supplier of MILSPEC RAS systems. Global manufacture a complete range of reinforced receiver hoses and fittings. The product line includes flanges, messengers and probes manufactured to US MILSPEC requirements.

The Global receiver hose system is built around a revolutionary clamp concept that enables hoses to be renewed using a simple mechanically operated swaging device. This saves waste, cuts costs and provides a positive match between hose fittings.


The product range includes

  • Refuelling probes, single and double
  • Refuelling receivers, single and double
  • Adaptors, aluminium, male and female,
  • Couplings, male and female 2½” through to 7” per MIL-C 24356
  • Clamps, split 2½” through to 7” per MIL-C 24356
  • Hose assemblies 2½” through to 7” per MIL-H 22240 for refuelling and discharge
  • Hose assemblies reinforced receiver 7”
  • Caps and plugs, hose, 2½” through to 7”
  • Reducers 2½” through to 8”
  • Fittings, riding line, 2½” through to 7”
  • Saddles, 2½” through to 7” types A and B

Global is quality assured and recently won Small DOD Prime Contractor of the Year, awarded by DCMA Pittsburgh.

Global’s UNREP line, SFC Valve’s Stainless, Carbon and Monel valve line, and its wholly owned subsidiary, Custom Hydraulic and Machine are U.S. Navy qualified for Hose Assemblies and fittings, and share equal qualifications with Eaton Aeroquip.  Our association with Global and its companies allows Aussie Pumps to be a major supplier to the Frigate program as a critical supplier for this complex equipment.