Trolley/Cube Mounted Jetters

Drain Cleaning Jetters

(Cobra, King Cobra & Python series)

Aussie 4,000 & 5,000 psi high pressure drain cleaning jetters have revolutionised the way that blocked drains are cleared.

The Cobra series makes short work of drains blocked by tree roots with a unique Turbo Root Mulcher nozzle. It vibrates and rotates, clearing roots with a super high powered spinning water jet.


Most drain cleaning jetters (all brands) are class B & operators must be RTO certified to use them.

Aussie have developed a range of Class A jetters, just as capable but operators are not required to be RTO certified. Click for a simple explanation  of the operator rules for Drain Jetters.

Trolley & Cube Jetter spec sheet (Class A & Class B) | spares

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  • Drain cleaning equipment
  • Removal of tree roots, grease and fat
  • Sand and silt clearing
  • Graffiti removal, brick cleaning
  • Paint preparation


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NEW Aussie Python iGX800

Specialist high flow jetter with Honda iGX800 engine


Check out these powerful trailer mounted jetters for remote communities & diesel only sites
 NEW Aussie Drain Jetter Cube

20% more space efficient. Now with a stainless steel frame!

Aussie Jetter Handover Tips

How to use & look after your Aussie Jetter.

What They Say About Our Products

  • Aussie Jetters are far superior to mechanical drain machines as they allow the job to be done more quickly, allowing me and my workers to be more productive each day. We are able to get twice as many drains cleared with the Jetter. The Jetter also provides a safer method for clearing drains, and as an employer the safety of my plumbers is my number one priority.

    Daniel Nally
    Nally Plumbing and Gas
  • Aussie Pumps Jetters are safer, no back injuries from lifting heavy eels & faster in that they get to the blockage & clear it faster as well, including set up time (no power required) & they are more efficient in clearing tree roots etc & washing them down the line with the amazing flow rate as well as getting closer to the problem using the mini reel for easier proximity. They also are easy to set up on the ute when in a cube format.

    Brian Fraser
    BF Servicing
  • Much more efficient therefore a better job done! My first jetter which is 8 years old is a Aussie jetter.

    |im Paris Plumbing Pty Ltd
  • Aussie Jetters are superior to mechanical drain clearing machines in every aspect. The jetter is faster to deploy: just plug a hose into the tank, run out the jetter line, turn key and done! No power leads, no heavy cables necessary! The jetter cuts blockages & flushes the drain simultaneously, what eel can do that?! The Aussie jetter has the horsepower to cut through thick roots that would stall a mechanical device. And once the job is done, just wind up your reels and the job is done.

    Rob Bruning
    Best Plumbing Ltd
  • Aussie jetters are leaders in the market. They are reliable and more efficient jetters than any other brand. Aussie jetters clean drains better than any mechanical drain cleaner with their high pressure water jetting it will remove silt, sludge and tree roots with ease where the mechanical drain cleaner will leave roots behind.

    Aaron Armstrong
    Aaron Armstrong Plumbing

Drain Cleaning Jetters

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Operator Safety Standards

A simple guide to the Safety Standards for operators using drain cleaning jetters.


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