High Pressure Accessories

Guns, lances & turbos

Check out the huge range of guns, lances and turbos available. Boost the effectiveness of your high pressure cleaner with an Aussie Turbomaster turbo lance. Save time and build profit into your jobs.

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high pressure accessories gun lance turbo

Hose & Reels

Hose and reels for extra convenience and safety.

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Flat surface cleaners & Telewands

Slash cleaning times up to 75%. Faster, smarter, safer!

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Cleaning Equipment High Pressure Accessories 20 Inch Aussie Spinner

High Pressure Fittings

  • Couplings, reducers & swivels
  • Unloaders, safety valves & thermal dumps
  • Filters & foamers

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high pressure accessories collection
aussie pumps high pressure catalogue 2017

High Pressure Catalogue

Aussie Pumps comprehensive high pressure equipment price list
pressure cleaner selection guide

Pressure Cleaner Selection Guide

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