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Australian Pump Industries

The company, popularly known throughout Australia and South Pacific as Aussie Pumps, began trading in 1993 with a clear mission to provide first class water pumps and cleaning equipment to Australian and international consumers.

Challenges presented by climate change and the succession of severe droughts generated a product development program designed to provide real solutions for Australia’s harsh conditions. That program resulted in the introduction of the Aussie Fire Chief, now regarded as the world’s finest lightweight portable fire pump. A range of efficient water transfer pumps followed along with the development of a comprehensive range of high pressure water blasting and cleaning equipment.

Australian Pump products deliver better outcomes for users in terms of reliability, water efficiency, fuel efficiency and product longevity. Products are built better, to last longer.

Five Year Warranty

All Aussie Quik Prime pumps are covered by an exclusive five year warranty, a clear indicator of the company’s confidence and the product’s quality. This five year warranty covers Aussie Quik Prime fire pumps, high pressure and low pressure transfer pumps and the range of Aussie heavy duty trash pumps.

Government Contracts

Australian Pump quality and features have been rewarded by the awarding of prestigious contracts from major Government departments including the Department of Defence, the NSW Rural Fire Service, the NSW Fire Brigade and the Queensland Fire Brigade. Aussie Pumps were also adopted by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Export Activity

Aussie Pump products have been recognised throughout the world and are now sold extensively in Europe, Africa, South East Asia and throughout the South Pacific.

The company’s fire pumps, notably the Aussie Fire Chief, have been adopted by fire fighting authorities in France, Spain, Portugal and South Africa as well as Thailand, Malaysia and Fiji.

Heavy duty pressure cleaners, hydroblasters and hydrostatic testers are supplied to shipyards, slipways and the international oil industry while Aussie bronze marine pumps are the choice of many international work boat and ferry manufacturers.

Australian Pump Head Office

Australian Pump operates from a 2.5 acre site in Sydney’s prestigious Norwest Industrial area. The office and plant is modern with a well organised warehouse, factory facility and spacious offices. The company recently built a new high cube warehouse to facilitate the efficient distribution of top quality Aussie Pump products to the market.

Engineering for Australian Consumers

The company’s state of the art cad cam design centre is dedicated to the development of products that are in keeping with the company’s policy of providing better solutions for pump and cleaning challenges.

ISO9001 Quality Certification

Australian Pump is an ISO9001 quality certified company. The company’s quality culture has been adopted right throughout the organisation with customer satisfaction being at the core of the program.

Product Development

Australian Pump has pioneered a wide range of new and innovative products. These include the revolutionary Aussie Cobra drain cleaning jetter, a machine that literally chops it’s way through tree roots, debris and other sewer line and drain blockages.

Other great products developed by the company’s R ” D division include heavy duty diesel powered hydroblasters for the mining and construction industries and hydrostatic testers to 7,000 psi for public utility and industry applications.

The Aussie Seamaster, a unique lightweight diesel powered fire and salvage pump has been adopted by the Royal Australian Navy for the prestigious Armidale patrol boat project.

For ag spray, the company developed a range of compact sprayers called the Aussie Marsupial line. These innovative machines feature integrated chemical tanks, Honda engine powered high pressure pumps with a range of accessories designed for spot spraying, pest eradication and even agricultural machinery wash down.

Employment – Careers that can grow you

Australian Pump people are dedicated to providing innovative solutions to age old water transfer and cleaning problems. Aussie Pump people are energetic, enthusiastic and dedicated to providing customers with the uncompromising level of support that a top class product range deserves.

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