What Aussie Does …

Here at our 2.5 acre factory site at Castle Hill, our motivated team is dedicated to the water industry. We know WATER IS LIFE!

All of our major industries, including our big cities depend on adequate, reliable water supplies and all the other elements that are involved.

What we do is conceive, design and build some of the world’s most advanced product lines in the areas of expertise where we excel.

They include;

Building the world’s best lightweight portable fire pump, designed for combating Australia’s bushfires.

Super heavy duty trash pumps that move up to 6,000 lpm capacity for everything from farming to dewatering construction sites.

We design and build the world’s best range of high pressure water blasters, taking the cleaning industry with products that are exported to the world.

We developed the first drain cleaners for plumbers and are Australia’s biggest producer with again exports of our advanced designed products that are safer, smarter and more efficient than any other global competitor.

Why do we do it?

Part of the reason is because we can.  We have an engineering capability that is inspired by user feedback.  We are about the farmer out in the paddock, the mine worker in the Pilbara or the tradie, trying to get their job done faster, more efficiently and safer.

That’s what drives us. We want to understand applications and this helps us to develop products that are simply better than competitors.

How do we do it?

We listen! Empathy is our key skill. We can see ourselves as the user of the product and with feedback from the field, we get to know what users say about products like ours and how they see them being more convenient, safer or more efficient.

Those ideas are translated into reality with the Aussie Pump product range!   Our driver is the user, not shareholders demanding dividends with a corporation.

We are a small private company with less than 50 people doing amazing things!

Drought Proofing Australia

All that, and we also want to drought proof Australia to bring security to the Inland. Working at Aussie Pumps isn’t just a job, it’s a career with loads of opportunities for personal growth and advancement.

No barriers for age, race … why not apply today. 




Aussie Pumps new address

Our expanded facility offers a great work site within walking distance of the Metro station, retail, banking and restaurants.

Why you should join us

What we do is like a great adventure.  Every day we learn from our customers, particularly users and set out to turn their desires into a reality.  We aim to give them something that is even better than they imagined, always stiving for the best possible result, at a fair price.

We are conscious of climate change and play our part in firefighting equipment used in Australia, the US, Indonesia and in Europe where wildfires are becoming more common.

Our heavy duty trash pumps are designed to fight floods in places like Sudan or Pakistan or, for that matter, right here in Australia where they’re becoming more frequent and more extreme.

If you’re passionate about the environment, you care about the economy that depends on mining and farming, and want to play a part in the development of this wonderful country, we’ve got the right job for you!

We have jobs in logistics, production, sales and marketing and admin! Our growth potential is enormous and is driving our need for additional people to join our great team.

Our standards are high! We’re looking for people who have something to give, who believe in the future of Australia, and want to be part of our growth and development.

If you are looking for a career in an industry that is vital to the success of Australia, send your resume with a covering letter to

or by post to:
Australian Pump Industries
PO Box 6164
Norwest  NSW 2153

Sales & Product Managers

Kick Start Your Sales Career in the Water Industry

* Immediate Start
* Generous remuneration package plus car allowance
* Outstanding career prospects

This is a full time position for a dedicated sales professional seeking to expand their horizons in the rapidly expanding water industry. Product training is provided.

Job involves:

  • Developing and maintain existing accounts
  • Prospecting for new customers & markets
  • Quoting and closing prospects

Skills required:

  • Proven ability to sell & professionally manage a customer portfolio
  • Energetic, enthusiastic, competitive but professional nature
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Engineering or mechanical aptitude preferred
  • Good communication skills

If you want to be part of a team of absolute professionals apply today.

Fitters & Assemblers

Full time positions available for qualified fitters and assemblers. Come and join our energetic production team.

Key skills we’re looking for:

  • Mechanical aptitude
  • Ability to work efficiently to a deadline
  • Teamwork
  • Qualifications in hydraulic fitting or similar (not essential)

Its fun, its fast and its rewarding.

Be part of a close knit team that build the best pressure cleaners and pumps in the world!

Call Mal Patel or send in your resume today ….

Store Staff

Full time positions available for reliable store staff for our new facility in Norwest (NW Sydney)

Key skills we’re looking for:

  • Fit & active (manual lifting, wrapping and strapping are all part of the role)
  • Attention to detail (picking stock)
  • Ability to work efficiently to a deadline
  • Teamwork
  • Folk lift licence (preferred but not essential)

Its fun, its fast and its rewarding. Come and join our energetic stores team.

Call Mal Patel or send in your resume today ….

Logistics Support

We’re looking for someone with a passion to provide excellent logistics support and to manage our store shipments, both domestic and international.

Must have great attention to detail and good communication skills. This is a full time position and may include picking and packing small spare parts.

Send in your resume today

Interested in any of the above positions? Give us a call 02 8865 3500 or send in your resume today