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The Volunteers from Port Macquarie Sea Rescue collect their new diesel powered fire fighting pump from Aussie Pumps.

Pumps: Aussie Pump goes to Sea

Model: BG2TMKA L100

When Port Macquarie Sea Rescue operators, Geoff Shelton, Ken Fletcher and Peter Elson needed a portable diesel fire pump that could handle salt water, they knew Aussie Pumps was the logical place to go.

Australian Pump Industries offers a wide range of portable diesel fire pumps, including the innovative Aussie Seamaster.

Port Macquarie Sea Rescue selected a zinc free bronze self priming centrifugal high pressure pump powered by a Yanmar L100 10 HP electric start diesel engine.

The big bronze 2″ self priming pump delivers a whopping 60 p.s.i. pressure, and provides flows of up to 450 litres per minute.  That’s 27,000 litres per hour! The high pressure characteristics make the bronze Aussie ideal for marine fire fighting.

The pump will self prime from depths of 6 metres, enabling the Sea Rescue boys to just throw a suction line over the side and crank up the engine.

The pump comes with a heavy duty mechanical seal and doubles as a salvage pump. It can also be used on deck wash down or bilge pump out applications.

For further information visit our GMP pumps page or download our GMP engine drive transfer pumps PDF [456KB]


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