Diesel Fire Fighting Pumps

Aussie Pumps’ Brad Farrugia tries out a Mr T twin impeller pump with Yanmar diesel engine on his hobby farm near Arcadia.

Pumps: Diesel Pumps Deliver

Model: QP205SE/L48 & QP-T205SLT/L100E

With a catastrophic bushfire season looming, farmers and home owners are becoming increasingly conscious of the need to operate safe, reliable fire fighting equipment.

Diesel engine drive pumps are intrinsically safer than petrol drive fire pumps because diesel has a higher flash point.

One Australian pump company, Australian Pump Industries, is focused on developing a range of diesel drive fire fighting pumps that’s now regarded as second to none in the world.

Available in both single and twin impeller configuration, these super high pressure, high performance self priming fire pumps can provide maximum fire fighting capability, with the added safety factor of diesel engine drive.

“Imagine carrying out mop up fire fighting duties with embers, sparks, and smoke, and having to refuel a petrol engine drive fire pump under those conditions” said Aussie Pumps’ Brad Farrugia. “Fuel is easily spilt on the ground causing a potentially lethal situation,” he said.

Aussie Pumps use top quality Yanmar air cooled diesel engines, made in Japan, and available in either manual or electric start configuration.  These top quality Aussie pumps all come with a heavy duty galvanised frame that protects the unit and enables the pump to be easily moved if required.

The frames include a galvanised steel sub-base, supported by 4 rugged engine mounts, to ensure that the unit is operated virtually “vibration and amplitude free”.

The Aussie Fire Chief, regarded as Australia’s leading high pressure fire pump, delivers a whopping 200 litres a minute flow at 50 metres head, and offers users a maximum operating pressure in excess of 100 p.s.i.

The pump will self prime from 7.6 metres, a record, enabling it to draught water from streams, dams, or tanks.

The Fire Chief’s big brother, the “Mr T” twin impeller pump comes with a Yanmar 10 HP electric start diesel engine, and offers super high pressures, exceptional self priming capability and high flow efficiencies.

Both the Fire Chief and the Mr T are designed and built without compromise, providing users with a guaranteed high performance and reliability.

“All of our Aussie Quik Prime range of pumps come with a unique 5 year warranty, the first in the industry” said Farrugia.

“Using top quality Yanmar diesel engines delivers other advantages to the users than safety” he said.  “For example, operators can get significantly more hours of operation out of tank of fuel, a feature not to be underestimated in a fire fighting situation” he said.

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