When Australian Pump developed the first prototype 3,000 psi pressure cleaner, running off a 6.5hp Honda petrol engine, naysayers sneered, saying that it couldn’t be done. The AB30 was a revolution at the time, in terms of this type of equipment. Nicknamed the ‘Pocket Rocket’, it was an instant success.

It is loaded with features that make it an indispensable tool for high pressure cleaning, It’s been a hit for farmers, tradies, and anyone operating plant, vehicles or machinery that requires regular cleaning both for maintenance and appearance.

Aussie AB30 Pocket Rocket in Action
Aussie’s compact 3,000 psi pressure washer is a hit with tradies, farmers and contractors. Easy to use, reliable and robust!

The success of the product has led to Australian Pump developing a new production facility that will enable the company to more than double production of pressure cleaners.

The AB30 Pocket Rocket features a compact all stainless steel trolley frame with four big 10” steel wheels with flat free tyres. It fits nicely on the back of the unit and can be lifted out easily.

The company selected a ‘Big Berty’ Bertolini pump as the heart of the system and fitted with ASP (Aussie Safety Protection) kit to protect both the machine and the operator.

“Since we developed the original AB30, we added to it with a ‘Contractor style’ version. That was originally developed for the hire industry and includes extra features like a stainless steel  lifting bar and and a professional single lance that is literally bullet proof,” said Aussie’s Chief Engineer, John Hales. “We keep building these machines in different variations to suit the industry.  The feedback we get from the market is indispensable and inspires our innovative designs”, said Hales.

Using a turbo gun, supplied with the standard unit, increases the effective working pressure of the AB30 to over 4,000 psi. Best of all, it is a genuine Australian innovation, conceived, designed and built right here in Aussie’s state of the art production facility at Norwest, Sydney.  There are third world copies however, using low cost components compromises the reliability and longevity.

Aussie AB30 Pocket Rocket in production at Castle Hill factory
Aussie’s 3,000 psi AB30 Pocket Rocket pressure washer in production at Castle Hill factory, NSW

Aussie’s Pocket Rocket is an important piece of kit for any professional cleaning contractor.  It’s compact, powerful and super reliable! Hales also points out the Aussie machine’s ‘Big Berty’ pump carries a unique four year warranty.   The Honda engine comes with a three year warranty and the Honda service support is available right throughout the world.

“The Aussie Pocket Rocket has been a big export success for us. It is cute and does look a little bit like a Bobcat”, said Hales.

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