If you’re in farming, construction, plumbing, even mining or earthworks, you’d probably like to know more about how pumps work and how to select the right equipment for any particular chore.

Aussie Pumps has produced a new, comprehensive Pump Selection Guide that provides loads of information for hundreds of pump applications.  The company focuses on self priming, centrifugal pumps and is regarded as having Australia’s biggest range covering engine drive, electric drive and hydraulic drive options.

The Pump Selection Guide is the 6th generation of this popular document. The pumps are designed to cover applications from high pressure firefighting to bulk water transfer.  There are even pumps for handling wastewater, effluent, flood mitigation or sewer bypass!

The document helps to select the right product, giving detailed performance advice and charts that enable pumps to be sized specifically to the job.

“Many farmers, who have lived all their life with pumps on the farm, are still not completely clear on the concept of friction loss and how to compensate for it in calculations”, said Aussie Pumps Chief Engineer, John Hales.  “By mapping out the friction loss and adding it to the total head required of both suction and discharge, you can calculate whether the pump will achieve the required flow very easily”, he said.

The previous editions have all proved to be popular with users from mining engineers to marine architects building fire or salvage pumps into work boats, trawlers, tugs or even pleasure boats.

A handy addition to the document are details on troubleshooting, enabling users to easily understand what may be going wrong with existing installations and how to remedy them.

Copies are freely available from Australian Pump Industries or Aussie Pump Distributors around the country.  These include plumbing outlets like Reece and Tradelink, tool shops like Total Tools branches and numerous other distribution points.

“Our philosophy is always share the knowledge and distribute it as widely as we can”, said Hales. “That’s the Aussie way”

Click here to download the Aussie Pump Smart 6 catalogue.

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