Earthmoving … Keeping It Clean


One Australian pump and pressure cleaner manufacturer that understands the earthmoving business better than any other is Aussie Pumps.  With some of the key executives having had a lifetime of being associated with big equipment, they understand the pressures, the opportunities and most of all, the challenges facing earthmoving contractors and their operators on a daily basis.

One of those challenges is maintenance and that efficient maintenance depends on the overall condition and cleanliness of machine.  The company, widely regarded as Australia’s leading manufacturer of engine drive high pressure water blasters, up to 500 bar, has built machines tough for this industry.

Aussie’s 4,000 psi Admiral steam cleaner makes short work of cleaning greasy, oily earthmoving gear.

Nobody wants to have to battle through built-up oil and dust caked over an engine or transmission before they can start to do any disassembly or repair.  What’s worse, often you can’t even see where the issue is, whether it’s a leaking o-ring or major seal that is the problem.

Australian Pump developed a great range of pressure cleaners just for these types of applications.  The heavy duty steam cleaners and hot wash machines are capable of blasting off greasy, dusty surfaces, making it easy 1to identify the source of the problem.  The company recently introduced a new 4,000 psi steam cleaner that is designed specifically for tough jobs in earthmoving.

“We know that earthmovers need to have reliable machines in their wash bays”, said Aussie Pumps Chief Engineer, John Hales.  “The reason we developed the Aussie Admiral 4,000 was to provide not only 130 degrees C steam capability but also the impact of 4,000 psi to blast off caked on dirt fast!”

The new 4,000 psi machine is built like a tank and designed for Australian conditions.  Mounted on a steel chassis with stainless steel cover, the machine boasts four rubber tyred wheels for stability and maneuverability.

The heavy duty coil comes with a two year warranty and a top quality slow speed triplex pump with brass head and ceramic pistons is standard equipment.  The motor, four pole IP56 1450 rpm is designed for reliable long life performance.  Other major features include an 18 litre diesel fuel tank that provides long running time, especially when the operator runs it at 90 – 100°C.

We’ve seen operators who want to run these machines at 130°C continuously!  Apart from using a lot of fuel, that has a tendency to cook internal components like switches, creating potential premature failures,” said Hales.

The machines all feature a steel bumper for extra protection and a flexible coupling between the motor and the pump for a smoother, cooler drive.


The Aussie Admiral 4,000 is also geared to protect the machine and the operator!  Each machine is fitted with a low water cut out warning light, a low fuel sensor and warning light. Timed Total Stop (an automatic shutdown device turns the machine off a few minutes after the operator closes the gun).  A Safety Thermostatic to protect the pump is also included as well as Micro-Leak Detection with warning light.

“Aussie Pumps knows that for operators working in what can be a wet environment it’s easy not to see a leak, even a small one, under those conditions”, said Hales.  “The Micro-Leak Detection warning light tells you something is wrong and to stop the machine and fix the leak before continuing!”

Need mobile steam? Try Aussie’s Heatwave.  This Honda petrol engine powered machine delivers 4,000 psi at 130 degrees C steam and comes at a bargain price in stainless steel frame for only $11,940!

Best of all for operators, the machines are Class A, therefore do not require operator certification.  Earthmovers and truck operators who want to move dirt fast, where time is everything and every second counts, will appreciate Aussie’s complete range.

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