Twin Impeller High Pressure Pumps

Josh Kingston of Griffith NSW is serious about fire protection this summer.

Harvest Fire Alert

Model:Aussie Mr T
13th Dec 11

The Australian broad acre harvest is on and combustible materials, heat, low humidity and gale force winds present a dangerous combination!  Fires caused during harvest, cause not only major crop damage with consequent financial losses, but could also cause the destruction of expensive harvesting equipment and machinery.

The majority of harvester fires originate from the engine base.  The build up of flammable materials can generate spontaneous combustion.  Exhaust sparks are another major cause, frequently resulting in loss of the combine.

“The key to avoiding harvester fires is diligence in clean down and inspection”, said Aussie Pumps’ Brad Farrugia.  “We advise postponing harvesting during high risk periods”, he said.

Aussie Pumps, Australia’s leader in fire pump design and development, work with farmers to develop pumps capable of providing real protection. “There is no point in having a 10,000 litre capacity water cart if the pump can’t throw water at the fire fast enough”, said Farrugia.

Australian Pump has developed a full and comprehensive range of high pressure pumps, capable of producing flows of up to 1,000 litres per minute.  They offer bigger, more effective capability, often at a fraction of the cost of imported more sophisticated fire fighting gear.

The Aussie Mr T 2”x2” twin impeller pump is regarded by the market as a leader in its class.  To achieve its performance, the Aussie Mr T comes with a genuine Honda 9hp or 13hp petrol engine.  The pump is superbly matched with the engine’s capability, and is designed to get the most out of both pump and engine.

Diesel drives are also provided with a Yanmar 10hp electric start air cooled diesel being an ideal match for the big pump’s performance. Both engines offer loads of torque and allow the pump to be able to reach its whopping 95 metre head and still deliver a maximum flow up to 480 litres per minute.

The best news for farmers is the pump’s enormous volume of high pressure.  The Mr T is now available in either 2” or 3” configuration, can deliver in excess of 200 litres per minute flow at 65 metre head.  “An added bonus is the pump’s ability to draft water from creeks and dams.  It has an unequalled vertical suction lift of 7.6m”, said Farrugia. A sturdy galvanised roll frame with anti-vibration mounts is supplied as standard on all configurations of the Aussie Mr T.

For larger properties, Aussie Pumps developed a 3” pump that delivers flows of up to 1,000 litres per minute.  “If you’ve got the capacity in the water cart, it’s smart to use a pump that’s got serious flow capabilities”, said Farrugia.  “We developed the Aussie QP3310SX for just this type of application”, he said.

The big 3” high pressure pump was developed originally by the company as a village fire protection unit.  The company claims that the big 3” pump, first product of its kind to provide genuine 4” pump performance, i.e. high volumes at high pressure, in the world.  “This is another first for Australian Pump”, said Farrugia.

“I always check to make sure that our pump is ready” said Josh Kingston of Griffith. “It is really important that if the header sparks or starts a fire that it gets put out quick” he said.

The big pump self primes, first time every time, with the ability to draft water from vertical depths as low as 8.4m.  Its maximum head is 70m, that’s over 100psi!  Serious cropping operations understand that they need to invest in capability if they’re going to stop a crop fire fast.  The big 3” Aussie is ideally suited for the use of water cannons or 3” hoses with professional fire fighting nozzle equipment.  “These big pumps can throw a jet 50 or 60 metres and pour huge amounts of water on the fire, literally drowning it”, said Farrugia.

For further information on the complete range of Aussie Quik Prime pumps visit our QP Pumps page or download our Aussie Quik Prime Petrol Drive Trash Pumps PDF (276kb) or Aussie Quik Prime Diesel Drive Trash Pumps PDF (211kb).


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