QP Trash Pumps

Joe Duphey from Capvac using an Aussie 4 inch trash pump to empty a flooded car park at the Target shopping centre in Rockhampton last week. Joe says the pump worked like a charm!

Aussie Flood Fighters

Model: QP trash pumpsGetting rid of residual water from carparks and basements is a huge challenge in flood ravaged Queensland, NSW and Victoria. Aussie Pumps, Australia’s leading supplier of portable self priming trash pumps are working around the clock to keep up with requirements from the SES, hire companies, councils and private contractors.

Australian Pump’s line of portable self priming trash pumps range from 2” through 3”, 4”, all the way to huge 6” pumps that will move up to 6,000 litres per minute! These big rubbish gobblers will handle sand, silt and even rocks!

“We’ve had to double trash pump production, just to keep up with the demand” said Product Manager, Brad Farrugia. “Our pumps will handle mud and slush, even cleaning out contaminated septic tanks and sewer pits with no problems” he said.

Designed to handle vertical suction lift of up to 7.6 metres, the pumps are nicknamed “Quik Prime” because of their excellent performance characteristics.  Foot valves are not required, and all of the pumps in the range come complete with hose couplings and strainer, designed to suit the sized solids that the pump can handle.

A handy clean out door is built into the front body of the pump, enabling it to be easily cleaned in the event of experiencing a “choke”.

The excellent self priming characteristics are owed to the pump’s unique design.  The body incorporates a large water tank.  On start up, the water tank empties of water, creating a vacuum in the pump, and enabling a suction check valve to open.  The vacuum causes water to be drawn up through the suction line and into the pump and out through the delivery port.

“Our pumps prime first time, every time” said Farrugia.  “We just warn operators to make sure they don’t have any air leaks in the suction line!” he warned.

The pumps are available with either Honda petrol, or Yanmar or Kubota diesel engine drives.  Top quality Japanese engines are chosen because of their long life, high performance, and super reliability.

Like all Aussie QP self priming pumps, the trash pump line is covered by a record breaking 5 year warranty, supplied by the company at no extra charge to users.

“That warranty is a first for our industry” said Farrugia.  “It shows our total confidence in the product, even for extreme applications in construction or mining” he said.

Further information on the complete range of Aussie trash pumps is available on our QP pumps page or download our petrol trash pumps PDF (282KB) or diesel trash pumps PDF (188KB).

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