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Super Indy MkIII Steam Cleaner without Chemicals
New Aussie Super Indy Mk III steam cleans and sanitises without chemicals.

Farmers know the key to producing safe, high quality raw milk is the attention given to dairy hygiene. One company, Australian Pump, has developed a purpose designed steam cleaner that cleans and sanitises without chemicals.

The Aussie Super Indy Mk III steam cleaner operates at temperatures of up to 120°C. This high temperature cleaning prevents a biofilm of bacteria forming on steel, rubber and plastic surfaces within the milking plant.

High temperature steam cleaning reduces the presence of spoilage enzymes and prolongs the life of dairy products. A reduction in microbial contamination, by using steam, assists in mastitis control.

The Super Indy Mk III can also be used to wash down concrete surfaces in parlours, sheds and yards to reduce cross contamination. Tanks and tankers can be cleaned and sanitised.

High pressure steam can also be used to clean grease and muck from tractors and plant for ease of servicing and to reduce fire risk. Cross contamination between paddocks can be minimised.

The Aussie Super Indy features ergonomic dials to provide infinitely variable temperature control from cold to 120°C steam. This steam function sanitises and shifts heavy grease and dirt efficiently, economically and safely.

The new machines feature a heavy duty stainless steel cover that is hygienic and impact resistant. The cover is mounted on a robust, four wheeled, steel chassis with integrated front mounted bumper.

The pumps are heavy duty Italian triplex design running at 1450 rpm for long continuous trouble free life. The range include a 2.2kW single phase machine and 5.5kW three phase machine.

The three phase pump delivers up to 4785 psi EWP (effective working pressure) with turbo. Pump operating pressure is 3000 psi with flows of up to 16 lpm. The single phase version offers 2600 psi EWP with turbo (pump operating pressure of 1500 psi) and flows of up to 12 lpm.

The Aussie Super Indy range offers timed “Total Stop” designed to shut the machine off after the operator releases the gun trigger. This reduces wear on the machine and saves power.

Intelligent design features a “Micro Leak” control to shut the machine down if a leak is detected in the high pressure system. This maintains optimum performance and minimises breakdowns and subsequent downtime. Low water and fuel cut outs are also standard, providing state-of-the-art reliability.

Australian Pump has also developed a range of stainless steel, high pressure hose reels. Holding up to 75 metres of high pressure hose, they are rated for hot water to 200 degrees C and pressures as high as 5,000psi.

The reels can be either machine or wall mounted for safety and convenience. The extended hose length facilitates cleaning of larger sheds and dairies.

Further information on the Aussie Super Indy Mk III steam cleaner is available from our Steam cleaners page.

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