Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Steam Pressure Cleaner

Stainless Steel Steam Cleaner
The sleek Super Indy Mk III steam cleaner has a robust design for tough industrial cleaning environments.

Stainless Steamer Shines

Model: Super Indy Mk 3

A new stainless steel, heavy duty steam pressure cleaner has just been released by Australian Pump Industries. The sleek Aussie Super Indy Mk III is designed for applications where hot water is required to dissolve grease and oil.

“We designed this steam cleaner to suit Aussie users in hard and demanding markets like the transport industry,” said Aussie Pumps’ product manager Robert Kelly. “It’s loaded with features and is built like a tank,” he said.

The stainless steel cover is a practical replacement for brittle plastic covers that are prone to split if knocked or dropped. The steamer also has a robust steel chassis and built in bumper as well as 4 big solid tyred wheels for easy mobility around the factory, car yard or building site.

“Years of experience with hot water machines being moved around by forklift have taught us the need for a steel chassis,” said Kelly. “and as not all workshop floors perfectly smooth we designed it with full size wheels that cope best,” he said.

The Super Indy Mk III is available in 240V single phase and delivers serious professional cleaning capabilities up to 1,500 psi and 120oC steam. A three phase option is also available for industrial applications with pressures to 3,000 psi and flows to 15 lpm.

The heart of the new Aussie Super Indy hot water blaster is a heavy duty slow speed triplex pump run at 1450 rpm. “Using a slow speed pump and motor substantially increases operating life, virtually doubling longevity” said Kelly.  “Opposition high speed machines may offer similar performance but running at double the speed means they wear out twice as fast.”

The new machine incorporates a wide range of features that enhance performance and add value. These include a timed Total Stop device that cuts the machine after the operator releases the trigger. This not only reduces wear on the machine but saves power as well.

Intelligent features include a “MICRO-LEAK” control that shuts the machine down if a leak is detected in the high pressure system. Low water and low fuel cut-outs have also been incorporated.

Ergonomic dials give the operator infinitely variable temperature control of up to 120oC.  It is the steam function that is ideal for dissolving oil or grease, removing the need for expensive chemicals or detergents.  It makes this machine particularly suited to pre-service machinery wash down in auto workshops and transport depots.

“There is even a stainless steel coil option, with full 3 year coil warranty, for hard water areas,” said Kelly.

Further information on the Super Indy Mk III stainless steel heavy duty steam pressure cleaner is available from our Professional Electric Steam Cleaners
page or download our Aussie Eco Clean Professional Electric Steam Cleaners PDF (54kb).


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