Stainless Steel Double Stacker

Aussie Pumps introduces the new Stainless Steel Double Stacker hose reel, for use with Aussie Jetters.

Designed by plumbers, the Double Stacker makes it convenient to reach your hoses and saves space.

Aussie’s first consideration was convenience, but the other benefits are impressive too. Compared to standard powder coat, the stainless steel is more corrosion resistant and looks great for longer.

Double stacked jetting hose reel
Double stacked jetting hose reel

The 30 metre supply hose is partnered with a whopping 60 metre sewer hose as standard. You can choose a ¼” hose to fit most Aussie Jetters, or get a 3/8” hose if you have an Aussie Python.

An easy to reach ball valve controls water pressure from the Jetter to the sewer hose. There’s a hose restraint included, and pressure gauge for safe operation.

The Stainless Steel Double Stacker is ready for use with Aussie Jetters, as well as other brands.

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