Spraymaster high pressure diaphragm fire fighting pumps

spraymaster fire fighting
The Aussie Spraymaster, used for pesticide spraying and spot weed elimination also doubles as an effective high pressure fire fighting unit.

AG Spray: Aussie Spraymaster Fire Fighter

Model: Kappa 75

Aussie Spraymaster high pressure diaphragm pumps with Honda engine drive are widely used for agricultural spray applications as diverse as pesticide spraying to spot weed elimination. Few operators realise that Aussie Spraymaster engine drive pumps make great high pressure fire fighting units.

An example is the Aussie Spraymaster Kappa 75 with Honda GX270, 9HP petrol engine. This high pressure pump delivers flows to 75 litres per minute but produces that flow constantly with pressures up to 40 bar. That’s 568 psi, far in excess of the pressure capacity of any self priming centrifugal design fire pump. The Aussie Spraymaster can be mounted on or adjacent to polypropylene tanks and mounted on utes, trailers or truck beds for mobile, fast attack fire fighting applications.

Diaphragm pumps like the Aussie Spraymaster offer fire fighters and farmers positive advantages over conventional pumps. This is because the pumps are positive displacement in design, thus providing constant flow right through the pressure range. The operator has the facility to adjust the pressure down or up, through an infinitely variable control, simply by adjusting the integrated unloader valve. He can check the pressure being delivered from a pressure gauge built in and fine tune pump performance where necessary.

“The capability of being able to deliver 75 litres per minute at up to 586 psi (40bar) means that the operator can get to the very tops of trees or damp down even multistorey buildings where necessary,” said Aussie Pump’s Mike Cormack.

Fire fighting hose kits, hose reels and high pressure fire fighting nozzles complete the kit, and provide operators with a total package designed for both mop up and serious fire fighting duties.

Further information on the Aussie Spraymaster Kappa 75 is available on our AG spray page or download our engine drive AG sprayers PDF [79KB]

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