Smart Pumps for Smart Farmers


Australia’s farmers are to be congratulated on their excellent production results as covered in the latest ABARE reports. The outlook for the next season is positive with good soil moisture and water storage levels reported.


One company that realised the value of the agricultural industry to the nation has worked hard to produce a range of engine, electric motor and hydraulic drive self priming pumps that are revolutionising efficiencies in the industry.

The company found that farmers were using pumps designed specifically for handling water, manufactured from cast iron or aluminium to handle a wide range of chemicals for which they were never intended.

The result was corrosion, often leaks because of seal material not being compatible with liquid and that meant contamination and wastage.

Aussie’s range of Smart Pumps are specifically designed to handle corrosive ag chemicals, including liquid fertilisers. The first 2” Smart Pump impressed everybody by producing more than 800 lpm flow and also providing a vertical lift of 25 metres.  Both of those figures are maximums at either end of the curve but, are astonishing nonetheless.

“The first pumps we produced had EPDM seals which were compatible with most agricultural chemicals including even Urea”, said Aussie Pumps’ Chief Engineer, John Hales.  .

The company later introduced a Viton option to cover virtually all chemicals including tanning liquids and even nitric acids.

Aussie’s production team finish the latest run of Smart Pumps with Honda engines

Liquid ferts have become essential to Australian agriculture.  The boost of production from their use has dramatically increased on farm results from paddocks for grazing to major cropping activity!

Aussie Pumps claim their Smart Pumps have played a vital role in allowing farmers to quickly and safely transfer hazardous chemicals.  That includes filling self propelled spraying gear, essential for Australian agriculture.


As spraying equipment improved in capacity with big machines from companies like Goldacres, there was a need for more flow for faster refills.  The company introduced a 3” range that produced flows up to 1,000 lpm!

“The impeller and volute, the heart of the pump, are superbly matched and designed to produce the most efficient result”, said Hales.  “When every second counts, that extra 200 lpm can make a big difference”, he said.


Mobile applications for the product also are now proving popular.  They are used on water carts on mine sites in hydraulic drive, sometimes on drill riggs and we even see them being built into big sprayers, like the Goldacres Goliath.  Goldacres also use Aussie’s 3” pump with Honda engine for their innovative “Batchmate” product as well.


A comprehensive chemical compatibility chart is available from Australian Pump Industries.  It and the latest Smart Pump user guide provides information on how to use this innovative product.

Aussie Smart Pumps with 5 year warranty are readily available from Aussie’s “Gold Distributor” network through the country. 

The company believes every farm, spraying contractor, and perhaps even every shire Council should be using Smart Pumps to transfer potentially hazardous chemicals.

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