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Aussie Pumps’ Albert Mahoney with the new 3” Aussie QP high performance transfer pump.

3″ Pump Has Grunt

Model: Aussie QP310SX pump

A new 3” self priming centrifugal pump designed to combine both high flow and high pressure has been released by Australian Pump Industries Pty Limited.

Designed for high pressure water transfer, the big pump provides flows of up to 1,050 litres per minute (that’s 63,000 litres an hour), with a maximum head of 70 metres vertical lift.

Designed for efficient dam management, the high pressure pump can be used for irrigation, stockyard wash-down, and in it’s Aussie Brigade Boss configuration it makes a first rate general purpose, heavy duty fire pump.

The secret of the pump’s performance is a unique design that employs a perfectly balanced, heavy duty closed impeller.  The impeller runs in a matching volute, producing high efficiencies through large water passages.

“The pump’s unique design mean more litres of water for less litres of fuel” said Aussie Pumps’ Product Manager, Brad Farrugia.  “The high efficiency means less horsepower consumed, also resulting in less wear and tear on the pump, because of the higher flow rates” he said.

Like all Aussie Quik Prime pumps, the new QP310SX offers outstanding self priming characteristics.  The pump is capable of a direct vertical suction lift of 7.86m! That means draughting water from dams, creeks or shallow wells is easy, making the pump particularly suitable for water transport applications and even tanker mounting.

Drive options include standard Honda 13HP industrial petrol engine available in either recoil or electric start configuration. In diesel drive the pump is available with a top quality Yanmar or Kubota Japanese built engine with electric start supplied as standard equipment.  The pump is also available in bare shaft and hydraulic drive versions.

The Aussie QP3310SX in it’s engine powered form comes with heavy duty steel frame with sub base and anti vibration mounts.  Petrol engine versions come with a powder coat frame but diesels are supplied as standard with heavy duty hot dip galvanised frames for maximum corrosion resistance.

Major pump components are manufactured from high grade marine aluminium and sealing is provided by a top quality ceramic mechanical seal with separate seal sleeve to extend life and reduce maintenance costs.

The pump comes with a flanged suction port that makes servicing of the heavy duty check valve easy. No dismantling of the pump is required to carry out check valve service.

The pump owes it’s excellent self priming characteristics to the huge integrated water tank designed into the pump body. That big capacity tank means fast self priming, first time, every time.

The best news for farmers is the pump’s absolutely free extended warranty. Like all Aussie Quik Prime pumps the new 3” high pressure gusher comes with five year warranty protection. Australian Pump expects the new unit to be a real breakthrough in self priming pump design.

“We’ve never seen a 3” pump that produces this much water at high pressure,” said Farrugia. “It’s performance is superior to some 4” pumps allowing farmers to operate more efficiently. A big bonus is being to get away with 3” hose or pipe instead of cumbersome and expensive 4,” he said.

Further information including a free technical application pack is available from Aussie Pump Distributors throughout Australia and the South Pacific.   Or visit our fire fighting pumps page or download our Aussie High Pressure Gushers Petrol PDF (177KB) or Aussie High Pressure Gushers Diesel PDF (271KB).

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