Aussie Pumps is always glad to hear from farmers who are using our pumps. The farmers tell us what works, and what doesn’t. That feedback is used to develop the best pumps on the market.

Pig farmer Mark Kingma told us about his Aussie trash pump.

“Building our new piggery at Kerang East in 2021 has given us a chance to see what pump options are available for pumping effluent,” said Mark.

After doing his research, Mark decided on an Aussie “Rubbish Gobbler,” a B2KQ-A/ST GMP 3 phase semi trash motor pump.

“We have around 5,000 pigs at this site and we work on pumping 20,000 – 25,000 litres per week day. The pump just runs when required, maybe 4 hours per day.”

That equates to a whopping 105,600 litres in four hours.

It’s a big, messy job, with no room for pump failure. Liquid backing up or the pit overflowing would be an environmental and hygiene disaster.

“We installed this self-priming 2 inch trash pump to move the liquid from our effluent press overflow to our evaporation dam. The pump hasn’t missed a beat and in fact, we just bought our second pump to install on our main effluent pit,” said Mark.


The Aussie B2KQ-A/ST GMP semi trash motor pump is affectionately known at Aussie Pumps as the Rubbish Gobbler.

The pump self primes from 6 metres vertical lift.

The impeller is an open vane, non-clog style and is ideal for passing spherical, compressible solids in suspension.

A silicon carbide mech seal comes as standard, or tungsten carbide with Viton seals are an option.

For maintenance, the clean out port is on the front and allows easy access to the pump internals for flushing out chokes.

The heavy duty cast construction is partnered with 316 stainless steel motor shaft and stainless steel wear plate.


Running maintenance on a long column sump pump or submersible  can become very difficult. A surface mount trash pump has a real advantage in that it can be easily accessed for service and maintenance.

Farmers can detect issues early, and it’s relatively simple to service. In fact, it is not necessary to disconnect the hose or pipe.

For power, the unit is close coupled to a heavy duty TEFC single or three phase electric drive motor 54 IP rated.

Aussie Pumps is proud to support farmers like Mark Kingma. We understand that pump reliability is key on every farm.

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