Sea Shepherd Goes Aussie

Sea Shepherd Goes Aussie
Sea Shepherd’s Pablo Watson, Chief Engineer with the new GMP pump installed on SSS Sam Simon.

Sea Shepherd vessel, the SSS Sam Simon, is the fourth and newest ship in their anti-whaling programme. The ship often operates in isolated waters and needs a completely reliable fuel handling system.

An Aussie GMP fuel pump was used in this technically demanding application. The pump was required to pump up to 500 litres of fuel per minute, through a horizontal 25 metre line with a 4 metre vertical lift.

Additionally the outlet to deck height is 15 metres horizontal over a 7 metre vertical lift. The pipework involved a number of vertical and horizontal lines, many with sharp 90 degree bends.

Consultation between Sea Shepherd Chief Engineer, Pablo Watson and Aussie Pumps suggested a pump from the GMP range would be suitable. A 4 kW, 3” self priming centrifugal diesel fuel pump was selected. The pump operates at 60 Hz, 440 volt and was a special build for this vessel.
Watson, as Chief Engineer of the SSS Steve Irwin did the installation and “shoe horned” the pump into the crowded space in the engine room.

The big Aussie GMP 3” pump, model B3XRA-Vit, offers a 33 metre total head and can move a mighty 1400 lpm of fuel at open flow. The pump has a cast iron open impeller and is close coupled to a heavy duty squirrel cage induction motor of IP56 rating.

The body is close grained cast iron. It is designed to self-prime, an essential part of the ship’s specifications. To handle diesel fluid the Aussie pump is fitted with Viton elastomers that include mech seal, o-rings and check valve.

Pablo Watson says “I can’t tell you how good it is to have this pump on the ship. Aussie Pumps’ help has been paramount to our success”.

Aussie GMP series pumps include cast iron, stainless steel and nial bronze configurations. They are available to suit a wide range of marine applications, including bilge, diesel fuel, seawater or even fire fighting duties.

Further information on Aussie GMP diesel transfer pumps for marine applications is available from our GMP Pumps page.

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