Aussie Raptor Pressure Cleaner – High Pressure Water Cleaner

High Pressure Water Cleaner
The Vanguard Big Block provides the big Aussie Raptor with loads of power with less noise and less fuel consumption and lower operating costs.

Cleaning Equipment: Big Block Blaster

Model: Raptor

Aussie Pumps’ new Raptor 7,300 p.s.i. pressure cleaner gets it’s grunt from a “BIG BLOCK” Vanguard industrial petrol engine. The new machine, developed by Australia’s leading manufacturer of industrial hydroblasting equipment uses a 31 HP Vanguard twin cylinder “Big Block”, with a whopping 895 c.c. (54 cubic inch) engine capacity.

The Aussie Raptor 7,300 p.s.i. machine takes normal high pressure cleaning equipment into a new dimension.  Jobs are completed faster, with less water usage, and better overall results.  The “Big Block” engine provides a host of advantages over smaller drives.  These include lower oil and fuel consumption, lower noise levels, and the ability to deliver more power and torque at lower r.p.m. than conventional engines.

“We like to use the Vanguard “Big Block” on our top of the range hydroblasters because it has more torque, and more lugging power than others” said Aussie Pumps’ Design Manager Phil Wendell.  “The “Big Block” design provides 35% more cubic capacity than other equivalent horsepower engines, so it doesn’t even break into a sweat,” he said.

Using the Big Block engine means the heavy duty Aussie Raptor achieves it’s full 7,300 psi pressure at lower speed, adding substantially to engine longevity. The lower speed means less fuel is consumed and the engine requires less frequent maintenance, delivering real cost savings to the user.

Vanguard “Big Blocks” also come with a huge Donaclone Cyclopac air cleaner, considered a real advantage in Australia’s difficult on site conditions.  The powerful five stage air cleaner provides maximum engine protection even in extremely dirty and dusty conditions.

“Noise levels are lower too, and the harmonics of the engine work better with our style of machine” said Wendell.

The heart of the system is a big Udor Penta style pump.  The triplex design utilises a machined stainless steel head with big oil filled crankcase for cool running.  The pump, designed to run at 1450 r.p.m. represents a major breakthrough in pump technology, offering  pressures of up to 7,300 p.s.i and flows of 16 litres per minute.

Like all Aussie industrial class blasters, the machine features ASP (Aussie Safety Protection). The ASP kit includes a safety valve designed to protect the operator and machine from pressure spikes. The kit also includes a thermal dump valve that is designed to ensure cool running of the pump even if left on by-pass for extended periods. It is extended by-pass running that causes the most damage to piston pumps by generating over heating of the liquid in the pump head and consequent cavitation and failure.

“We believe that the Aussie Raptor will be of real interest to contractors,” said Wendell. “It’s built for sustained performance in the toughest industrial cleaning tasks,” he said.

The Aussie Raptor comes in a heavy duty galvanised frame with four large pneumatic tyres that make it manoeuvrable on site. The kit includes a gun and lance rated to 7,300 psi and 10 metres of high pressure hose.

Diesel and electric drive versions including flame proofed units for mines and oil rigs are available. Like with all machines of this calibre, training on operator safety procedures and precautions is required and Aussie Pumps offer a range of training courses.

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