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pacer poly pumps
The Aussie S2 series of motor poly pumps are designed specifically for a wide range of chemical handling.

Pumps: Chemical Motor Pump

Model: S2 series

A new high performance 50mm motor pump designed specifically for chemical handling has been released by Australian Pump Industries. Called the Aussie Poly S2 series the pump is designed to handle a wide variety of industrial chemicals, salt water, waste water and leachate.

Available in single phase or three phase, close coupled motor configuration, the new 2” pump features high flows and high pressure capabilities. Optional impellers mean that the pump is capable of providing heads of up to 22.5 metres with a maximum flow of up to 580 litres per minute.

The motors are supplied in two pole configuration but optional four pole versions are available. The new Aussie S2 pump is available in a wide range of materials of construction including re-enforced polyester, Polypropylene and Ryton.

Fasteners are stainless steel and there is a wide range of elastomers that include Buna N, EPDM or Viton.

The key to the pump’s efficiency is it’s huge injection moulded body. The body allows the pump to self prime from sumps as low as 6 metres, quickly and efficiently. The body is ribbed for extra strength and features lock-down brackets to facilitate mounting.

A unique seal protection device, the Protek system fits between the pump and the electric motor, isolating the electric motor shaft from the liquid medium being pumped.

“We expect the new pump to be of real interest to the food and chemical industries,” said Aussie Pump’s Ashleigh Somerton.

“We can offer a range of mechanical seals in self lubricating ceramic, silicon carbide or even hastelloy C and non metallics,” she said.

For further information visit our Aussie Poly pumps page or download our Aussie Poly pumps PDF [517KB]

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