Aussie Gopher Mini Jetter
Goes places a full size jetter can’t!

Drain cleaning Jetters have revolutionised clearing chokes, making the job safer, faster and more efficient. But how do you clear chokes in high rise apartments or strata units when access for a ute mounted, engine drive Jetter is impossible? Aussie Pumps’ new Gopher Mini Jetter is the solution.

The smart, single phase, electric Mini Jetter combines a heavy duty, high pressure pump with a portable Mini Reel. The reel features 30 metres of Armadillo Platinum sewer hose. The pump is mounted in a compact stainless steel car-boot style frame and the Mini Reel can be detached for storage.

The Jetter comes with two Compressor jetting nozzles.  The Compressor Penetrator is for breaking through the choke. The Compressor Thruster is used for flushing out the remaining debris.

The Aussie Gopher is designed for use in domestic piping up to 2”. It handles those jobs quietly and efficiently without creating a mess. It is available for hire from selected Kennards Hire branches.

Download Gopher Mini Jetter brochure.

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