Bitumen Clean Up with Mobile Steam Cleaners


That’s a real challenge that can’t be achieved efficiently with cold water pressure cleaners. Aussie Pumps solution is a range of mobile steam cleaners that dramatically cut cleaning times.

Aussie Heatwave portable Honda powered steam cleaner
Using steam to clean Bitumen from plant cuts cleaning times dramatically.

Australian Pump Industries has made a specialty of working with hot mix operators. The company produce hot wash and steam cleaning high pressure machines that will get the job done efficiently and at the lowest possible cost.

“Coming out of the earthmoving industry we know about hot mix plants”, said Aussie Pumps Chief Engineer John Hales. John was a cadet engineer at Tutt Bryant’s Barber Greene Division back in the 1960s and 70s and knows what he is talking about. “We always dreaded having to clean the equipment after a job especially when we had been out demonstrating the latest Barber Greene paver”, he said.

Aussie’s simple solution is to use a high pressure, mobile steam cleaner to get the job done fast.

Working with big and small paving specialist they have found that going from cold water to hot or steam machines can reduce cleaning time by two thirds. “The heat simply melts the material and, used with a good degreaser, gets the job done fast”, said Hales.


Although most plant is taken back to the depot before being cleaned, Aussie Pumps has engineered new machines that are capable of carrying out this cleaning task “on the job”. One mobile steam cleaner, called the Aussie Heatwave, delivers 4000 psi pressure and up to 130° C steam. It’s mobile and can be mounted either on the back of a ute or truck or, even pushed around the site.

The machine comes in a heavy duty stainless steel frame with wheels for mobility if required. Most of the machines, many of them operated by local government bodies, can perform a multitude of cleaning tasks.

The Aussie Heatwave has a diesel fired burner which uses a Honda 13hp electric start engine to drive both pump and steam system.

The ignition for the boiler comes from the 12v electrical circuit of the Honda making this a neat and not expensive package. Machines can be fitted with a stainless steel hose reel with 30 or even 50 metres of high pressure hose to suit the job. Hoses supplied are rated at 5000 psi and are capable of operating with liquids at temperatures of up to 150° C.

Big diesel drive machines with more flow and pressure, are also available but some may require operators to be certified under the current Pressure Cleaner Operator Safety Standards.


Cleaning at the depot can provide a degree of convenience as the high pressure steamer can be made permanently mounted in a wash bay and powered electrically. To that end, the Aussie team have produced a hot steam cleaner that does 15 lpm, 4000 psi and again delivers up to 130° C steam.

“We tested the first prototype at Coates Hire Depot at Moorebank. They gave it a hammering and we checked on it every couple of weeks to see how it went”, said Hales.

It then moved around to other branches and all Aussie got was great feedback from the operators who liked the extra punch of a 4000 psi and were able to clean big plant faster because of that extra pressure.

“Everybody likes to work with clean equipment”, said Hales. Additionally, nobody particularly likes spending hours cleaning equipment when the latest steam cleaners cut cleaning times dramatically, aid servicing and produce a great finish.

For further information on what Aussie call their “Hot Shots” … engine drive & electric drive

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