Rust Never Sleeps

Envelop covers have saved billions for both the United States and Australian Navy.

Model: Envelop Protective Covers

Corrosion control is a major factor in Marine maintenance. A revolutionary product, developed by the US Navy, is claimed to have dramatically reduced corrosion control costs and improve “readiness”. Used by the Royal Australian Navy, and supported by Australian Pump Industries, the product, Envelop, is now available for commercial application.

Navies around the world spend billions of dollars controlling corrosion to make sure that the vessel’s integrity levels are maintained. For example, the US Navy is reported by the LMI Government Consulting Study to have spent around $3.2 billion combating corrosion in 2007.

That money is spent maintaining topside equipment including weapons, sensors, antennas, boats, fire fighting systems, electrical systems, capstans and other equipment. All of this equipment is subject to persistent corrosion from sand, salt water and spray.

The US Navy began a program in 2001 to develop a waterproof shield that was both breathable and able to wick away moisture from the equipment. The aim was to reduce the potential for corrosion and improve capability!

The product was later trademarked and patented as Envelop fabric and licensed to Shield Technologies, a US corporation, to manufacture and market. Australian distributors, Australian Pump Industries, have been very successful in introducing the product to the Royal Australian Navy with FFG and ANZAC Class vessels having multiple covers applied to important topside assets. Other vessels, including Minehunters, Armidale Class Patrol Boats and fleet support ships, all have major assets that can be protected by Envelop Covers.

“Traditional waterproof tarps and plastic covers often trap moisture and salt with devastating results”, said Australian Pumps’ chief engineer, John Hales. “The Envelop Covers unique design provides a mini environment that not only slows corrosion, but improves operational readiness”, he said.

Commercial vessels like tugs, professional fishing boats, work boats and barges all have applications where Envelop Covers can play a significant role in reducing maintenance costs. These envelop covers have a role in significant direct savings in daily and/or operational corrosion maintenance. That also means substantially reduced depot level repairs.

More recently, Shield Technologies have applied covers to offshore drill rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, and substantial savings made. Covers have been created for capstans, winch covers and land rig top drives.

The company has even developed specialised covers for offshore oil rig risers. These consist of a riser box end and pin end covers. They work towards creating a micro-environment that will protect the risers from environmental degradation.

“Laboratory testing and field evaluations have resulted in up to 90% reduction in corrosion”, said Hales. “Field tests also showed substantial gains in protection of electrical components, optics and delicate navigation aids”, he said.

Further information on Envelop Protective Covers is available from our Envelop Protective Covers page.

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