Low Cost Reliable Pumping

When Australian Pump launched their Aussie GMP 2” through to 4” super heavy duty cast iron semi trash pumps, they originally had construction sites and tanker operators in mind. It wasn’t long before the same pumps, used in those applications with either engine or hydraulic drive, were also finding a niche in livestock effluent disposal.

This big Aussie pump is not only a great slurry pump but also can do service as an aerator!

The pumps evolved in a co-operation between Aussie Pump engineers and GMP’s team in Northern Italy.  The result was a low cost, but very heavy duty, cast iron pumps, built to handle waste effluent material.

Significantly less expensive than exotic American equipment, the Aussie GMP range are all self priming pumps! It’s that self priming factor that makes them more suitable than either electro submersible or long column sump pumps.

“Due to the nature of the application, wastewater pumps handling effluent can become clogged. Submersible and long column pumps have to be extracted and dismantled to cleanout the blockage” said Aussie Pumps’ Chief Engineer, John Hales. “Surface mount semi trash pumps are simpler to service and being self-priming, simpler to re-prime post maintenance,” he said.


The Aussie GMP pumps have a handy front clean-out port. This enables the pump to be cleared of debris without disconnecting pipework or, having to empty the pit. The pumps have big, non-clog style open cast iron impeller.  There is an option of 316 stainless steel, for potentially abrasive and corrosive applications.

The GMP semi trash pumps can be supplied in bare shaft configuration for long coupling of electric motors.  Alternatively, they can be supplied in close coupled motor pump configuration.

Mechanical seals are silicone-carbide with tungsten options. Each pump is built with a stainless steel wear plate to preserve the wear factor and protect the pump body.

“Best of all for customers, we can also build these pumps in 316 stainless steel configuration for the same price that other brands sell cast iron pumps for”, said Hales.


The 4” pump illustrated, with a 15 kW close coupled heavy duty 415 volt motor, can produce 2,300 litres per minute in flow.  It has a maximum head of 29 metres.  Their self priming design, will draw fluid through a vertical lift of 6 metres.

“We wonder why piggeries, abattoirs and meat processing plants are still using submersible pumps. Aussie GMPs are so easy to operate, access and service”, said Hales.

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