Livestock Effluent Pumps

Moving effluent and wastewater is a continuing challenge. Liquids can be abrasive and even corrosive so they require flexible options in pump design to combat those issues.

“Our Aussie GMP effluent pumps can handle solids in suspension but we know that in some applications we see premature wear on cast iron impellers. That’s why we came up with the stainless steel impeller option to avoid premature failure and give longer uninterrupted service life” said Aussie’s Chief Engineer John Hales.

The Aussie GMP semi trash range of effluent pumps have an option of a stainless steel impeller for abrasive applications to extend life and performance.

The pumps are self-priming in design with the capacity to pull contaminated liquids through a vertical lift of 6 metres. Self-priming means the user never has to worry about priming the suction hose. It’s a simple matter of filling the pump with water and starting the motor.

The silicon carbide seals are abrasion resistant.   They are fitted as standard and every pump in the ST series has a stainless steel wear plate mounted inside the cast iron body to protect the castings.

The company’s proud of its big 3” and 4” pumps which are now available not only in high flow but also high head capacity.

Working off customer feedback from piggeries across the country, Aussies’ GMP engineers worked on programs to develop products that would not only pass solids in suspension but would offer high heads as well.

The semi trash pump range starts with 2” ports and go all the way through to 8” that deliver flows of up to 8,300 lpm.

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