Aussie Hot Diesel Blaster Price Break-Through

Aussie Hydrotek Diesel Powered Steam Cleaner
The new Aussie Hydrotek diesel powered steam cleaner is an industrial slow speed machine at a killer price.

Model: Aussie Hydrotek SC30004D12

Australian Pump, the country’s leading pressure cleaning manufacturer has launched a new 3,000 psi Kubota diesel powered hot water/steam cleaner. The new machine represents a major price breakthrough for professional cleaning contractors, councils, mine and quarry operators looking to upgrade to an industrial unit with the benefits of diesel power.

Called the Aussie Hydrotek SC30004D12, the unit uses top quality components including an efficient water cooled industrial twin cylinder Kubota engine. The dramatic cost down has been achieved by gearing up to larger, more efficient production runs.

“Users can purchase an industrial grade Aussie Hydrotek steam cleaner at a price that is close to that of a petrol machine,” said Aussie Pumps’ product manager Hamish Lorenz. “Typically, machines of this type are powered by a single cylinder air cooled diesel engine, often matched with a high speed pump,” he said.

The industrial Kubota twin cylinder water cooled diesel engine runs under load below 3,000rpm. This gives extended duty and service life for the engine and cuts fuel consumption. At this rpm the engine literally purrs with a noise level less than 85 dBA at 7m even under full load.

The SC30004D12 Kubota diesel powered unit produces 3,000psi pump pressure and an output flow rate of 17 litres per minute. This performance is produced by top quality Italian made slow speed triplex piston pump. The power from the engine is delivered via a belt drive module that incorporates a new ‘Ez Align’ guide rail system which is major servicing benefit.

The diesel powered hot water burner uses a low 12 volt ignition system and delivers wet steam up to 130⁰C. A 110 volt version will be introduced early in 2015 that allows the unit to be turned into an Aussie Hydro-loop ‘Clean & Capture’ system.

A rugged, Hydrotek design, ‘Pro Tect It’ frame makes the unit easy to truck or trailer mount. It can also be fitted with an optional wheel kit for in-house mobility.

The new Hydrotek incorporates the ‘Spiralast™’ burner coil that is guaranteed with a lifetime warranty irrespective of application.. The thermally efficient heating coils are manufactured using robotic equipment that delivers precision welds. This, combined with a proprietary cold rolled process, ensures the coils are stronger and have less internal flow restriction.

“This unit has all the high quality inclusions of our Aussie Hydrotek range, but is priced at under $13,000,” said Lorenz. “It will deliver lower service costs for large plant operators and industrial workshops. Mine contractors can now much more machine for a bargain price,” he said.

A skid mounted version is also available, designed specifically for mobile cleaning applications. It includes a 1,000 litre poly tank and a galvanised steel base with fork tines. Two hose reels are mounted at the rear; one high and one low pressure. The operator is able to work up to 60 metres from the machine. Alternatively, the self-contained kit can be supplied on a robust double axle trailer.

For further details on this and other Aussie Hydrotek steam cleaners is available by downloading our Engine Drive Steam Cleaners PDF or by contracting Hamish Lorenz at Aussie Pump on (02) 8865 3500 or

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