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mobile hot water blaster
Max O’Malley from Cowra Shire council and Aussie Pump’s Bruce Walton demonstrate how an Aussie Hydrotek Mobi-blaster is assisting the council to clean up.

Cleaning Equipment: Council Cleans Up

Model: Hydrotek

Cowra Shire Council, NSW, recently took delivery of a state of the art multi-purpose mobile water blaster. The machine uses high pressure water and steam for a wide range of tasks including graffiti removal, footpath cleaning and disinfecting of park and sports area ablution blocks.

Built by Australian Pump Industries, the trailer mounted machine is part of the Aussie Eco-Clean range of portable steam cleaning equipment. The machine develops up to 130°C steam making it ideal for cleaning without the use of chemicals or detergents.

The heart of the system is a Honda petrol engine powered “Big Berty” Bertolini triplex piston pump that develops 3,200 psi and flows to 15 litres per minute. When the machine is teamed with an Aussie hot water turbo lance it can achieve a 5,000 psi EWP (effective working pressure).

The complete package includes an Aussie Hydrotek steam cleaner with a diesel fire burner, equipped with stainless steel covers, heavy duty powder coated steel frame, electric start engine, ASP (Aussie Safety Protection kit), adjustable thermostat with steam setting and a “Total Relief” unloader that improves operator control
and safety while enhancing reliability.

The machine is mounted in a heavy duty steel trailer with an Aussie 600 litre Billabong UV resistant poly water tank. The council also specified the Aussie Whirl-a-way flat surface cleaner. The Aussie Whirl-a-way, teamed with the cleaner enables the operator to clean pavements, driveways or other flat surfaces of grease, oil stains or chewing gum without the need for harmful or aggressive chemicals.

The flat surface cleaners are also significantly faster than using a lance for cleaning purposes. The manufacturers claim that cleaning times can be cut by up to 70%  significantly reducing water usage, fuel and operator time.

The Whirl-a-way also has the positive effect of being able to leave a streak free finish and because it floats on water pressure like a hovercraft, it is much easier on the operator. The Aussie steam cleaning Mobi-blaster also incorporates two hose reels. One is a low pressure reel for water supply to the machine while the high pressure reel enables the operator to run hose lengths of up to 30 metres without repositioning the machine.

For further information visit our high pressure steam cleaners page or download our engine drive self contained steam cleaners PDF [79KB]

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