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“The new Aussie JAW trailer mounted steam cleaner contains all the kit required to make it perfect for the mobile cleaning contractors, all you need to add is water.

Cleaning Equipment: Just Add Water

Model: JAW 

A unique, high pressure mobile steam cleaner has been released by Australian Pump Industries. Designed specially for council or contractor applications the “JAW” (Just Add Water) system includes a trailer mounted Aussie Hydrotek Steam Cleaner, a big 800 litre polypropylene water tank, and high and low pressure hose reels with high pressure cleaning tools.

All of the above are mounted on a robust registrable trailer that enables users to move quickly between jobs, applying steam as a substitute for chemicals or cleaning detergents.

The heart of the machine is a heavy duty triplex piston pump that delivers 3,000 psi. Flow is 21 litres per minute providing the operator with real cleaning power. The machine is powered by a Vanguard 16HP two cylinder electric start industrial petrol engine.

Steam is generated by the Aussie Hydrotek Steam Cleaner with temperatures up to 130°C being available. That high temperature steam melts grease and oil stains, and lifts chewing gum from pavements, car parks or piazzas.

A big 28” Whirl-a-way is also part of the kit enabling the operator to clean flat surfaces in a fraction of the time, and with a fraction of the water used by conventional high pressure cleaning.

“The 28” Whirl-a-way will clean in 25% of the time taken by conventional lance high pressure cleaning equipment,” said Aussie Pumps Product Manager, Tony Kelly.

“Using the ‘JAW’ system means less water, less time, significantly less contamination from chemicals or detergents and, huge cost savings,” he said.

Optional accessories, that make the machine even more versatile and enable the operator to carry out a wide range of cleaning tasks include telescopic lances, high pressure turbos (for increase cleaning velocity), portable drain cleaner hose reels and even grit blasting kits.

Aussie’s JAW system represents one machine capable of clearing blocked drains, blasting graffiti from defaced walls, sanitising ablution blocks and removing grease and oil stains from public car parks and even removing chewing gum.

For further information visit our high pressure steam cleaners page or download our trailer mounted self contained steam cleaner PDF [59KB]

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