High Pressure High Volume Transfer Pumps

Rowan Fulton from Water Trucks Direct showing the Aussie Quik Prime Pump used in their truck design.

Pumps: Water Trucks go Aussie

Model: QP range

Leading Sydney based road tanker manufacturer and rental business, Water Trucks Direct, have made a decision to standardise on Aussie Quik Prime pumps from Australian Pump Industries’ product range.  The company, operating from a modern facility at McGraths Hill in Sydney make a complete range of water tankers equipped for both dust suppression and water transport.

“We chose the Aussie pumps because of their big flow, high pressure performance and overall reliability” said Water Trucks Direct Managing Director, Brenden Bastian.  “The 5 year warranty offered by Australian Pump is a tremendous bonus” he said.

Water Trucks use both high volume transfer pumps for fast filling in 3”, 4” and 5” sizes.  The big volume pumps are either PTO or hydraulic drive with diesel options being available.  Smaller tankers in the 10,000 litre range use Aussie 3” self priming gushers that produce flows of up to 1,500 litres per minute.    Genuine Japanese Honda petrol engines, one of the major features offered by Australian Pump and Yanmar diesel drives are both used depending on the application and customer’s requirements.

Water Trucks use a unique modular polyester design that provides real advantages in terms of stability and reduction in surging.

Each module has a capacity of 2,000 litres and provides an integrated baffle arrangement that eliminates surgies on corners or from quick stops or starts.  “The modular tanker design means we can produce tankers that use much the same componentry from 4200 litres to 30,200 litres depending on the customer’s requirement and the chassis available” said Brenden Bastian.

The tankers come with a unique rear spray bar and water distribution system that enables real flexibility in tanker operations.  For example, tankers can load water fast from either a stand pipe or draw water from streams, rivers or dams.

Water delivery can be either through the spray bar or via a hose reel with up to 30 metres of hose and a high pressure fire fighting style nozzle that enables the operator to carry out watering functions or wash down on construction sites.   Tankers can be kitted out with water cannons and both front and rear sprayer heads whilst an Aussie high pressure hydraulic driven pressure washer in capacities of up to 4,000 psi is also available as a handy accessory.

“The high pressure water blaster can utilize the water from the tank to clean plant and equipment in the field, facilitating service and maintenance procedures on earthmoving and mining equipment” said Mr. Bastian.

The high pressure pump is an Aussie Fire Chief, in either diesel or petrol drive configuration.  These big capacity high pressure pumps provide flows of up to 500 litres per minute and heads as high as 100 metres.  That’s over 150 psi.

Australian Pump engine drive tanker pumps are available in both manual and electric start.  The electric start enables the operator to have the facility of operating the pump function from the cab.

Further information is available on our QP Pumps page.

Information on Water Trucks Direct’s complete road tanker installations is available by contacting Brenden Bastion of Water Trucks Direct, on email Brenden@watertrucks.com.au  or by calling 02 4587 8701.


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