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Aussie has designed longevity and performance into their high pressure blasters to give users substantially reduced maintenance costs and extend operating life.

Aussie Takes on Europe

Model: Monsoon Series

Australian Pump Industries, probably Australia’s biggest manufacturer of heavy duty engine drive pressure cleaners, has taken on the European pressure cleaner manufacturers at their own game! The innovative company, working out of their 2½ acre design and factory complex in Sydney’s prestigious Norwest industrial area, have developed a range of high pressure industrial style electric pressure cleaners that are designed to substantially reduce maintenance and extend operating life.

“We started this project by throwing the rule book away and by asking customers what they wanted” said Aussie Pump design engineer, Albert Mahoney. “We interviewed customers who traditionally used high speed European machines and were used to the idea of changing them out every couple of years” he said.

The Aussie answer to this apparent longevity problem was to build machines that are bigger, stronger, and better protected than their European counterparts.

“We found users wanted machines that were virtually bullet proof and easy to service” said Mahoney.

The result is a range of machines that go from 1,500 p.s.i. all the way through to 7,000 p.s.i. that feature common and consistent design principles. They are slow speed, thus extending pump and motor life, feature super heavy duty switches with in built protection, and are built in rugged steel trolley frames that make them super functional for factory or workshop use.

The heart of the system is a “Big Berty” Bertolini slow speed triplex pump that incorporates the world’s most modern piston pump design ideas. “Cool fin” crankcases allow the pumps to run cooler, and solid ceramic pistons can operate without wear for years on end.

Heavy duty TEFC 4 pole squirrel cage motors are fitted as standard making the pump motor group into a 1450 rpm unit. Slow speed 4 pole blasters outlast 2 pole machines because they operate at half the speed.

The machines incorporate ASP (Aussie Safety Protection), features that allow the operators to leave the machines on bypass without damage, and protect both machine and operator from dangers of pressure spikes.

The heavy duty frames, some now available as standard with galvanised finish, are flexible in that they allow the easy application and fitting of hose reels for storage of long length high pressure hoses.

“This is both for convenience, and an O.H & S issue” said Mahoney. “Most operators want at least a 30 metre high pressure hose, and in some cases, machines have been supplied with 60 metre hose assemblies. That gives the operator a huge amount of extra flexibility, and means he doesn’t have to move the machine all the time if cleaning transport equipment, earthmoving gear or boats” he said.

The hose reel is also a major O.H & S gain as it enables the Aussie blaster operator to store the unused hose safely, on the machine. When the job is finished, the whole hose coils up onto the reel so the machine is easy to move without either inconvenience or danger.

“We think that successful companies view maintenance as a vital part of cost control” said Mahoney. “Using high speed European machines designed for a totally different environment can lead to smashed covers, machine breakdowns, and poor aftermarket support. In the transport industry, clean is even more important, as the whole company is viewed by the presentation of their fleet!” he said.

Further information on the complete range of Aussie Monsoon series electric drive blaster range, designed and built at Aussie Pumps’ Castle Hill premises, is available on our high pressure water cleaners page or download our three phase professional cold water blasters PDF (63KB).


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