Jetter Sales Soar

High Pressure Jetters Sales Soar
Bill Miller keeps pace with the record year in jetter sales.

“Plumbers can get into high pressure jetting for the cost of a cup of coffee a day!” said Jetters Edge principal, Bill Miller.  Bill reports record sales at the end of the financial year as plumbers take advantage of great leasing deals and maximise their tax deductions.

“Plumbers are much more savvy now than they used to be,” said Miller. “They function more like business executives, analysing risk and are very switched on to the financial benefits of lower interest rates in terms of hire purchase or lease deals,” he said.

The Jetters Edge, Miller’s Sydney based pressure jetting specialist operation is at the cutting edge of high pressure drain cleaning.  Bill Miller worked with Australian Pump Industries, the country’s biggest manufacturer in developing machines that take the danger and the hard work out of drain cleaning. “Our machines can clean drains in as little as four minutes with plumbers telling us that the average is around ten minutes.  By the time you clean up after the job you’re gone within twenty minutes,” he said.

The Jetters Edge offer a wide range of machines from the Aussie Cobra 4300psi machine, a real workhorse, right up to the big King Cobra, a Honda twin-cylinder powered 5000 psi machine with a huge amount of grunt.

Trailer mounts, for bigger pipe diameters in both sewage and stormwater, deliver up to 31 lpm flow and can be coupled up in tandem to produce 60 lpm with a pressure of 4300psi! “We call that the Double Python,” said Miller.  It comes trailer mounted with its own on-board water tank.

“We build special truck mounts as well, providing a terrific solution for councils, aboriginal communities and industrial applications,” he said. They are powered by heavy duty Vanguard industrial engines, made by Daihatsu engine compnay in Japan.

Purchasing an Aussie Cobra through “The Jetters Edge” is simple with finance being approved sometimes within twelve hours.  Rates are cheap and provide plumbers with a real opportunity to value add their business and build profitability.

The machines, built on the big production line at Australian Pump’s Castle Hill based two and half acre factory, are manufactured to ISO9001 Quality Standards and use “Big Berty” super heavy duty triplex pumps to provide loads of pressure and flow.

All machines come with ASP (Aussie Safety Protection). A nozzle box that includes a wide range of cleaning tips is included as part of the kit.

“We’ve developed high pressure reverse jet nozzles for almost every conceivable blocked drain application,” said Miller.  “We use the latest design and manufacturing techniques to come up with solutions that  American or European designers haven’t thought of yet!”

The heart of the nozzle selection is a unique internal rotating turbo.  Called the Mustang Root Ranger, it can shift tree roots and other blockages fast and efficiently. This is an Australian innovation that has already taken off in the United States, Europe and SE Asia.

The Jetters Edge claim there are only three reasons why plumbers should invest in a high pressure Aussie Jetter.  “It’s safer, it’s easier, and it’s a lot more profitable,” said Bill Miller.

For further information contact The Jetters Edge or visit our Drain Cleaning Equipment – Jetters page or download our Aussie Eco Clean Drain Cleaning Jetters PDF [70KB]

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