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High Pressure Cleaning Equipment
The Aussie Pump production team, Hamish Lorenz (product manager), Jeremy Shelton (right) with fittersTony Gallo and Ross Klumper, are increasing production efficiencies on Aussie Pumps range of industrial high pressure cleaners.

Machinery buyers don’t have a lot to smile about with a background of Australian equipment manufacturers moving offshore and currency devaluations driving prices up for imported equipment. One innovative company, Australian Pump Industries has some good news for farmers, miner and tradies. The company has announced a Price Freeze on their huge range of Australian designed and built high pressure cleaning equipment.

The price freeze applies to the entire range, 67 models, of Australian designed and built heavy duty high pressure cleaners including machines right up to their mighty “Raptor” 7,300 psi range.

“Some of our key components are imported and we know the devaluation of the Australian dollar will apply cost pressures in those areas. We will balance that with increased efficiencies and savings made by dramatically increasing volumes of Australian made high pressure cleaners” said Aussie Pumps Operations Manager, Jeremy Shelton.

The company’s pressure cleaner product range is the biggest in the country with a full line up of engine and electric drive cold water pressure cleaners from 2,000 psi to 7,300 psi. The machines include a full range of units designed specifically for construction, mining, the hire and rental industry as well as specialised electric machines designed for Australia’s food and beverage food processing plants.

“The price freeze will also apply to our complete range of Aussie Cobra drain cleaning jetters” said Shelton. “Those machines include the iconic Aussie Cobra range, the world’s first 4,000 psi and 5,000 psi portable drain cleaners” he said.

“Aussie Pumps pioneered the use of high pressure water blasters in pressure ratings up to 7,000 psi. Before we started analysing customer applications the market seems to be stuck around the 3,000 psi range in terms of developments. We proved that the application of higher pressures, but coupled with much the same horsepower, could deliver users substantially better results in terms of time savings, efficiencies and overall cost reductions” said Shelton.

The company, working closely with great companies like Honda and Yanmar, have designed heavy duty machines capable of standing up to the rigors found on the toughest construction and mining sites in the country. “The big challenge has not only been building the world’s best product, but also keeping the cost down to provide the best possible value for money for consumers” said Shelton.

Australian Pump operates from a 2½ acre site in Sydney’s boutique Norwest business district. The company’s dedication to innovative product development has kept it largely immune from the onslaught of third world products.

“Our unique registered Scud design has been lauded in the USA with our machines praised at the world’s best contractor style pressure cleaners. We have integrated OH & S benefits for consumers and backed it up with a unique programme of aftermarket service, training and documentation” said Shelton.

Free extended warranties are another indication of the company’s confidence in its products. Australian Pump is a certified ISO 9001 Quality Assured Company and is a key supplier to Australian government departments, Australia’s leading mining and construction contractors.

Further information including a free catalogue “Aussie Blaster Blitz” is available from Australian Pump Industries or Authorised Distributors. A handy guide is also available from our Aussie High Pressure Catalogue page.

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