Gunnedah AqQuip show 2012

Aussie AgQuip Success
Kate Moore (Left) and Sophie Tugger (Right) from Gunnedah take a look in Aussie’s QP Fire Chief on the NFS site.

Aussie AgQuip Success

Aussie Pumps, Australia’s number one designer and manufacturer of self priming pumps has finished a big week at Gunnedah’s AqQuip show. They’ve reported huge interest in their 2012 series products, as featured in the Aussie Pump Catalogue.

“Farmers are tremendously conscious of the coming El Nino with the potential for fires and drought conditions,” said Aussie Pumps Product Manager, Dean Fountain. “We’ve given out 100’s of Aussie catalogues this year as it guides customers in selecting the best pumps in market,’’ he said.

The company showed off its latest high performance fire fighting and transfer pumps on the NFS Agribusiness stand. The NFS displayed “Aussie Pump Store” was a huge hit with farmers. Apart from providing a hands on experience, there was also loads of free technical information available and expert advice.

“It’s not surprising that the new Aussie 3’’ transfer pump with Kubota diesel engine was the hit of the show,” said NFS Manager Mike Casey. “We call it the 3’’ pump that thinks it’s a 4’’ pump!” he said.

The new Aussie QP3310 series of transfer pumps deliver up to 1600 lpm flow, and heads as high as 70 metres depending on the model. Maximum head is the measurement of the pumps ability to lift water through a vertical column! The pumps performances are around the same as conventional 4’’ pumps, using the same horse power and efficiency, but through substantially smaller pipe work.

“That means considerably lower costs for farmers in setting up suction and delivery pipes,” said Aussie Pump’s Dean Fountain.

Another hit at the show included the new Aussie Fire Chief, the world’s most advanced high pressure fire fighting pump. The Fire Chief is a simple, robust, high performance, engine drive self-priming fire pump. It boasts a whopping 500 litres per minute maximum flow and offers a delivery head, in the standard single impeller version, of up to 75 metres. That’s more than 100psi.

The pump primes fast, delivering a record 7.6 metre vertical suction lift. That provides the ability to draught water from creeks, streams, and wells and can be vital in a fire fighting emergency. Aussie Pumps offers a unique 5 year pump end warranty on all their QP product, an indication that the pumps are built without design or engineering compromise.

Also on display was the new Aussie Spray-Master Honda powered spray kit. The heart of the Aussie Spray-Master system is a top quality 40 BAR Udor diaphragm pump with an integrated control kit. This feature enables farmers to operate two, three or even four guns simultaneously. A heavy duty galvanised scoop frame is provided as standard equipment to protect the pump.

The Aussie Poly Pump range was of particular interest to farmers this year due to the superb growing season. Aussie 2’’ and 3’’ poly pumps, nicknamed “Smart Pumps” can handle corrosive and aggressive chemical liquids including fertilizers, weedicide and herbicide.

The pumps are manufactured from 30% glass filled polyester with stainless steel fasteners. The most popular configuration on the stand was the 6.5hp Honda powered 2’’ version. “Farmers love the way these versatile pumps can handle a wide range of chemicals as well as water. They’ll even pump diesel fuel if required,” said Fountain.

The pumps are ideal for fast filing large capacity sprayers. They have the ability to pump up to 720 lpm in the 2’’ version or 1150 lpm in their 3’’ configuration.

The company’s advanced range of “Aussie Scud” pressure cleaners was also a huge hit. Farmers commented favourably on the sleek OHS friendly design, higher performance and efficiency than compared to other brands.

“Aussie Pump’s big 4,000 psi Scud won lots of praise from farmers who want a reliable, safe, and effective machine for cleaning down headers, sprayers and big 4WD tractors,” said Mike Casey. “It left all the other machines on display for dead,” he said.

“This was the biggest and most successful Gunnedah AgQuip field day we’ve ever attended. We’ve never seen this much interest in pumps before, and Aussie’s got the right gear for the job,” said Mike Casey.

For a free catalogue of Aussie Pumps products contact NFS Agribusiness on 02 6742 7771.

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