It’s not only Local Government is stuck with the problem of cleaning off the artwork of graffiti artists. Factories, commercial buildings, even shops in shopping centres can be the targets for this age old issue.

One company, Australian Pump Industries, has come up with a solution that presents a flexible and chemical free way of removing graffiti safely and efficiently.

Called the Aussie Heatwave, the machine is a Honda petrol drive 4,000 psi high pressure water blaster with a steam facility. That function enables it to literally peel graffiti off walls using 130°C steam. Best of all, you can carry graffiti removal without the need for carcinogenic cleaning chemicals or caustics.

The machine is compact in design with loads of features to keep both the unit and operator safe. Built into a stainless steel frame, it comes with four steel wheels with rubber tyres. This means it can be used as a mobile wash unit in difficult to access locations, or alternatively it can be hard mounted on the back of a pickup truck or utility vehicle becoming a mobile steam cleaning plant. Add an optional 300 or 400 litre water tank to feed the system and it’s a self-contained mobile high pressure steamer.

The secret of the Aussie Heatwave is its ability to run a diesel fired burner off the 12 volt ignition system of the Honda 13hp petrol engine. The heating system enables the operator to go from using cold water to hot at the click of a button. The operational temperature of these machines infinitely varies from ambient to 130°C with the flick of a dial.

“Using the machine at maximum temperature does burn more diesel fuel than operating the machine at 90°C,” said Aussie Pumps’ Chief Engineer, John Hales.

John suggests that operating at 90°C you get the a good result in terms of both cleaning and fuel efficiency.


The heavy duty triplex pump is fitted with solid ceramic pistons and top quality seals for a long trouble free life. Operation is simple. The water coming from the feeder tank or direct mains supply goes through the high pressure pump at pressure. From there it travels to the boiler. That heating system includes a ‘Spiralast’ coil, with a lifetime warranty, that heats the water to the temperature set on the thermostat. The boiler includes a small diesel fuel pump to complete the system.

Local Government bodies that use the Heatwave already, some with fleets of ute mounted machines, find them particularly versatile. They can be used for a myriad of council jobs that include cleaning amenities, sanitising park tables and benches, even melting the grease off public BBQs.

“They also fulfil a useful role cleaning public spaces like car parks or piazzas where spilled food or even oil stains can to be removed without the use of caustic cleaning fluids,” said Hales.


Australian Pump has found that adding their range of Aussie high pressure accessories can make the machine even more useful.

For example, stainless steel high pressure reels, that can accommodate longer length hose, can either be fitted to the machine or, if it’s part of a mobile cleaning system, bolted to the deck of the vehicle.

The standard reel will take up to 50 metres of hose while optional larger reels can take up to 75 metres. That enables the operator to clean a wide area without moving the machine.

The reels are fitted with Aussie BluePro hose, rated to 5,800 psi, with a temperature rating of 155°C maximum.

“Using a hose reel to mount long length hoses doesn’t only extend the life of the hose but is also regarded as being safer. Having hoses tangled around the job site can be a real OH & S danger,” said Hales.

If extra reach is required, Aussie’s Extenda Wand will provide cleaning capability up to 5.5 metres in height. Using the telescopic wand enables operators to reach difficult places like awnings, even second story windows and similar jobs without using a ladder.

The company points out that the Extenda Wand is rated to 90° and is, not suitable for use with steam.

Other handy accessories include a Turbo Lance for the gun. All Aussie machines come with a standard heavy duty 5,000 psi rated gun and lance but can also be supplied with a complete Turbo Gun Kit that has the effect of multiplying the effectiveness of the pin jet to over 6,000 psi EWP. EWP is an industry standard of measuring the impact of the combination of pressure and flow whilst the machine is operating with cold water only.

The turbo is a rotating turbine, mounted in the end of the lance, that multiples the impact of the jet going through as it spins under pressure.


Other options that could be interesting include a drain cleaning kit that enables warm water (up to 80°C) to be used under pressure to clear blocked drains and even sewer lines.

The drain cleaning kit, Aussie Viper Mini Reel, comes with 60 metres of high pressure 3/16th sewer cleaning hose and tool box of high pressure cleaning nozzles capable of clearing a wide range of chokes. It also includes a safety plate to keep the operator out of harms way.

Best of all for users, the Aussie Heatwave is a Class A machine and therefore doesn’t require operator RTO certification.

Aussie’s Safe Operator training program is available free of charge to users, including Councils, cleaning contractors, graffiti specialists and virtually anybody who professionally uses a pressure cleaner of any brand.

“We don’t care what brand of machine is in use. We want operators to be safe and we’ve done our best to produce a practical online guide to make it easy,” said Hales.

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