Fire Ready Survival Plan

Fire Ready Survival Plan
The whole family needs to be aware of the bushfire survival plan.  Sam and Susanna of Arcadia are planning with the help of Aussie’s Survival Guide.

Horrific early firestorms sweeping through NSW tragically caught many property owners unprepared. Fire authorities are urging homeowners in high risk areas to immediately prepare a bushfire survival plan.

Trusted company, Australian Pump Industries has updated their popular, no-nonsense Fire Ready Survival Plan. This free booklet, published by Aussie Pumps for over a decade, is a vital guide to assist in making and implementing a practical survival strategy.

A bushfire survival plan has two options: ‘STAY AND DEFEND’ or ‘LEAVE EARLY’. Before you make a decision you must consider whether your property is, in fact, defendable.

Assess the condition of any buildings, are they able to be defended? Are you fit, healthy and capable? Do you have safe exit roads in case you need to evacuate suddenly if your home is in jeopardy?

If you decide that you will “Stay and Defend” thorough preparation is essential. The Aussie Fire Ready Survival Plan illustrates how to prepare your property to give you the best chance of defending it.

A detailed plan outlines how to design and install an external sprinkler and fire protection system. A well set up sprinkler and hose system will be your most important weapon against fire.

The heart of the system is the pump. A robust, high performance, self-priming pump, like the Aussie “Fire Chief”, is essential for complete reliability.

There are many cheap “third world” pumps with copy Honda engines on the market. Only a quality pump can be depended on to deliver the high flows and high pressures needed every time. A matter of life and death could hang on the choice of pump used.

The “Fire Chief” is available with either 5.5hp or 6.5hp genuine Honda engine. The Aussie QP pump will prime first time, every time and the Honda engine will start first time, every time! It is critical that your fire protection system delivers!

Aussie Pumps’ free, extended, five year ‘pump end’ warranty backs up the excellent quality and design. The Fire Chief’s big belly body and huge, 7.5″, single piece impeller deliver flows of up to 450 lpm and max head of 75m (107psi). That means a lot of water, where it’s needed, fast!

The powerful flow/pressure characteristics are essential for fire fighting. The pump must be able to deliver enough water and pressure to maintain the sprinkler system whilst still servicing a hose.

Aussie Pumps stress that your decision to “Fight or Flight” must be based on the advice of your local Authorities and prevailing conditions.

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