Envelop Protective Covers

…cut corrosion, cut costs

The application of Envelop covers effectively cuts corrosion by up to 90%, dramatically improving equipment readiness and reducing down time. This unique high tech approach to asset protection has now been adopted on both Anzac and FFG class vessels.

Designed in conjunction with the USN to protect weapons, electrical components, optics, and exposed equipment in the harshest environments. The soft, flexible Envelop covers wick away moisture from the surface of protected equipment reducing corrosion and the associated maintenance costs.

Envelop covers are available for a wide range of equipment found on LHD support ships , Armidale, Minehunter and  “Afloat” class vessels. Envelop Covers are used to protect top side equipment from weapons systems, torpedo tubes and grenade launchers through to RHIB consoles and fuel receivers.

Key assets are protected from salt water, UV rays, heat and dust, keeping them operational for longer.

Envelop covers are also available for ground force equipment including M777 Howitzer, remote weapon systems, HIMARS launchers, M109 Paladins, Patriot missile containers, Bushmasters, Hawkei, 40M and new expeditionary fire support system mortars

Aviation applications for Envelop covers include windscreens protection, weapon systems, rotors and optical/targeting equipment.

Envelop covers can be custom made for other equipment that requires protection, contact Australian Pump for details of prototyping process.

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Envelop Protective Covers

Envelop protective covers cut corrosion on key assets reducing maintenance and improving process plant reliability.

Covers Cut Costs

Model: Envelop Covers

Envelop covers originally developed for key asset protection on warships, could save Australia’s mining industry millions of dollars in corrosion control.  They can also play a vital part in reducing maintenance and improving process plant reliability, claims Australian Pump Industries, Envelop cover distributors for Australia.

Australian Pump originally introduced Envelop covers for Defence applications, particularly related to top side asset protection on RAN ships.  The covers are now standard on most RAN vessels including all ANZAC and FFG Class frigates.

This revolutionary product was originally funded by the US Navy in an effort to reduce maintenance costs by reducing corrosion.  The results of this unique development is a patented cover material that not only offers waterproof shielding but is made from a breathable material that wicks away moisture from the equipment.

Australian Pump claim that traditional waterproof tarps and plastic wraps provide some protection but often trap moisture and salt, resulting in slow deterioration of the asset.     Envelop covers can be tailor made to suit the asset.  On warships, covers have been designed and are being used for capstans, deck cranes, torpedos and sensitive electronic equipment.

Australian Pumps offer a photo modelling service that enables covers to be quickly designed and produced to suit virtually any application.  “We were able to come up with a deck crane cover that shields the entire machine including its sensitive hydraulic control equipment, providing virtually 100% corrosion protection” said Aussie Pumps Adrian Fiatarone.   “The hydraulic folding crane was mounted on the rear deck, and exposed to the elements” he said.

US Navy Admiral, James P. McManamon recently quoted regarding the US Navy’s experiences “We are in the process of outfitting every surface ship in the US Navy with Envelop covers.  This should be completed by the end of fiscal 2011” he said.

Fiatarone further explained that the covers can be appropriate to not only operational assets, but are also particularly suited to long term storage.  Thus important spare parts can be protected from the combination of extreme humidity, dust, sand degradation and UV exposure.

“We have designed a 50 tonne crane hydraulic motor cover that provides full protection without impeding function or requiring removal before operation” said Fiatarone.

For further information on our Envelop covers visit our protective covers page.

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