De-Watering 6 Inch Diesel Self Priming Centrifugal Pump

At 150,000 litres per hour flow the Aussie 6” pumps is a real water mover!

De-Watering Aussie Sites

Model: QP602/L100E

A new cost efficient 6 inch diesel self priming centrifugal pump, capable of moving huge quantities of water, has been released by Australian Pump Industries. Called the Aussie Quik Prime model QP602, the big gusher is ideal for high volume transfer or large de-watering applications.

The ability to move large amounts of water is vital for mines, quarries and construction sites. The QP602 is capable of transferring up to 2,500 litres per minute and a maximum vertical discharge of 32 metres the big 6” pump has the capability to move water as required.

The six inch pump offers users a huge open style, high grade cast iron impeller, capable of passing small solids in suspension. It has the ability to draft water from depths of up to 7.6 metres, making it ideal for pumping from dams, tailing ponds or any site that has been flooded.

“Its unique high flow design makes it very efficient and gives it the ability to move water fast and at minimal cost” said Aussie Pumps’ Scott Coleman. “It only needs a 10 HP Yanmar diesel engine to achieve its full capacity!” he said.

The big Aussie gusher is powered by air cooled Yanmar diesel engine with electric start for easy and efficient operation. The QP602 has a heavy duty wrap around frame for protection, a centre mounted lifting eye and four handles to aid lifting.

“This Aussie 6 inch pump is a break through in terms of quality, value and performance.” said Coleman. “The diesel engine has an excellent fuel economy which means that more water is pumped per litre of fuel than petrol models” he said.

The QP602 comes with an unbeatable 5 year warranty pump end warranty and 2 year Yanmar engine warranty. With marine grade aluminium pump housing and a carbon ceramic mechanical seal this pump is designed to last.

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