Aussie Pumps Up The Power

bronze marine motor pump
The 2.2kW 2” NIAL bronze pump provides extra pump power.

Model: 2.2kW 2″ NIAL Bronze Pump

Australian Pump Industries have announced an upgrade of their popular 2” bronze marine motor pump series! The new pumps come with a bigger 2.2kW motor meaning more capacity for higher flow applications. That’s an increase of 50%.

As part of the Aussie GMP NIAL bronze pump range, these compact B2KQ-A/B motor pumps are ideal for marine installations on fishing vessels, tugs, ferries and other commercial craft.

“Upgrading the motor on these 2” pumps from 1.5kW to 2.2kW means better performance for those customers who use them at the high flow end of their performance curve,” said Aussie Pump’s Chief Engineer, John Hales. “The motors are efficient two pole units with an IP54 rating and the NIAL bronze pump end makes them ideal for pumping seawater,” he said.

The 2” pump motor combination is available in both 240v single phase and 415v three phase 2 pole configurations. Although 50 Hz is standard, 60 Hz is also available.

With flows of up to 450 litres per minute, and heads to 19 metres, the pumps self-prime from 6 metre vertical depths. This enables them to operate as very effective bilge, fire or water transfer pumps.

The robust, close coupled design means installation is easy in the confined spaces found on workboats and trawlers. The motor includes a 316 stainless steel shaft as standard.

The Aussie NIAL bronze pumps feature a wide range of optional seals including silicon carbide and tungsten. These ‘hard’ seals are sometimes fitted where the pumps are required to handle sand or silt laden water.

Australian Pump also offers NIAL bronze pumps in engine or hydraulic drive configurations.

“The pumps are ideal for all seawater duties” said Hales. “Maintenance is reduced because of their improved corrosion resistance and they prime first time, every time,” he said.

Aussie GMP bronze pumps have successfully been awarded DNV certification and are in use in a wide range of applications in commercial fishing, work and charter boats.

“Designers know that pumps should always be operated at “BEP” (best efficiency point). That’s a duty point at 85% of the total pump head,” said Hales. “Sometimes that principle is compromised. We’ve beefed up motor power to compensate for some degree of misapplication,” he said. The company provide free technical advice for designers and operators with a handy selection guide and installation data.

The company is proud of the ‘Bronze Aussie’ range and its selection for service on naval patrol boats and offshore oil ring support vessels.

Further information on the complete range of Aussie GMP bronze pumps is available from Aussie Pump Distributors throughout Australia or download our GMP Pumps Corrosion Resistant Transfer Pumps Spec Sheet.


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