Fuel tanker driver Bruce Andersen, famous for efficiency in his big rig, has done it again, this time slashing cleaning times.

With Bruce’s old 11 Lpm/180 bar machine, it took 4 ½ to 5 hours to clean his DAF CF450 prime mover. But now it only takes him 2 – 2 ½ hours to wash down his rig. Bruce uses the same chemicals he’s always used: Eazy Gleam Rip Off heavy-duty cleaner / degreaser, and Carnauba Wash & Wax.

He only needs to scrub the front if the bugs are bad, and the back to remove road grime. With the Aussie Scud delivering 21 Lpm flow at 2,600 psi, it means the water pressure does the scrubbing for you.

The 30 metre hose enables Bruce to clean right around the rig without moving the Aussie Blaster. There’s no need for a ladder because a 2m Aussie lance has a 20 degree bend and reaches to the top.

Aussie Scud 351 truck wash special


Bruce considered using a truck wash service, but knows he might miss signs that maintenance was required. It was better for him to clean his own rig and be alert to any subtle changes. Bruce’s attention to detail on his truck and its maintenance has lead to direct savings in costs and time.

“I highly recommend the machine and the service we’ve got from Aussie Pumps,” said Bruce.


Bruce tells the story of how he came to buy an Aussie Scud 351 pressure cleaner.

“I was at the Brisbane Truck Show in June, looking to buy a new pressure cleaner,” said Bruce. “After two weeks, nobody from the exhibition stand had got back to me and I had to call THEM. They were disorganised and didn’t know my details.”

After this disappointing experience, Bruce saw an Aussie Pumps ad in Big Rigs, and gave them a call.

“I spoke to the boss, and he really knew about his product. I thought I wanted a hot water machine, but we decided a cold water with higher pressure would be best for my needs.”

“He said what he would do, then he did what he said,” recalls Bruce. “That’s why I bought the Aussie.”


Bruce is clearly committed to keeping his rig well-maintained, and it seems that dedication runs in the family. Andersen’s 12 year old daughter was looking forward to helping her dad. However it seems the Aussie Scud 351 was so powerful, Bruce wouldn’t let his daughter use it yet. Never mind, the Scud is so durable it will still be working hard for the Andersen family when his daughter has grown up. They last decades.

Further information on the Aussie Scud Range.

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