“Big Berty” Bertolini 10,000 PSI Pump

Australian Pump announces the introduction of Bertolini’s new CAX Series heavy duty triplex pumps.  The big pumps offer real features and pressures up to 750 bar.

Berrtolini CAX high pressure pump

The CAX Series is claimed by Bertolini to be a breakthrough in design and particularly in value for money.   The 750-bar pump offers flows up to 25 litres a minute at 1000 rpm.  The pump head is 316 stainless steel to maximise chemical resistance in any high-pressure application.

Design Details

Solid pistons with tungsten carbide coating are also standard equipment. These are designed for reduced wear and to prolong both high and low pressure seal life.

Like all Bertolini’s triplex pumps, the high pressure seals are made of PTFE. Friction is reduced to the minimum ensuring a perfect hold for a longer period of time.  These PTFE seals provide chemical resistance and superior performance.

Large diameter stainless steel plunger rods are designed so they do not come in contact with the oil seal. This reduces wear and ensures sufficient lubrication of the pistons.   Premium bearings are also fitted, designed to endure heavier loads and extend operation times.

“These pumps are a breakthrough in terms of design and value for money” said Aussie Pumps Chief Engineer, John Hales.  “They even have patented du-dry plunger rod bushings, PTFE coated, to greatly reduce friction to provide smooth operation,” he said.

The check valves are made of a unique stainless-steel material that is thicker to withstand high pressure operations.  They are fitted with an aspheric sealing system to enhance the high fluid dynamic efficiency and to maximise durability.

“These pumps will replace far more expensive equivalents and will form a foundation to allow us to start development of  bigger machines in both diesel and electric configurations,” said Hales.

Hales claims that the company already has some excellent leads from offshore operations and from dry docks right through the South Pacific.

The company is continuing market survey work and expect to have the products available in Australia by the end of the year.

For further information on the CAX series pump triplex pumps… click here.

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